Wanted Navionics sd card for 798cSI unit

dnelsondnelson Posts: 193 Deckhand
Wanted navionics SD card for older 798cSI unit for florida east coast.


  • DixonDixon Posts: 52 Deckhand
    THE 798Csci unfortunately cannot handle a Platinum+ chip, so you'll want to look for a Gold 1XG chip (US & N. Bahamas all in one).

    OR...if you don't need coastal coverage out beyond 3 mi. from shore, the Marine & Lakes product could be perfect for you. $99 gives you all freshwater for E. FL, plus coastal charts out to 3 miles. Includes all of Lake O and the Keys.
  • dnelsondnelson Posts: 193 Deckhand
    How detailed is the inshore Indian and Bannana rivers. Do you have any screen shots of this?
  • DixonDixon Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Go straight to http://www.navionics.com and click on the web app. (Or just click here ) It will let you look at base charting anywhere in the world.

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