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Lee Dorman, the bassist for psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly, has died at age 70.

Orange County sheriff's spokeswoman Gail Krause says Dorman was found dead in a vehicle Friday morning. A coroner's investigation is under way, but foul play is not suspected.

Krause said Dorman may have been on his way to a doctor's appointment when he died.
Iron Butterfly was formed and rose to prominence in the late 1960s. Its second album, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," sold more than 30 million copies, according to the band's website. The title track's distinctive notes have been featured in numerous films and TV shows including "The Simpsons," "That `70s Show" and in the series finale of "Rescue Me."

Douglas Lee Dorman was born in September 1942 and had been living in Laguna Niguel, a coastal city in Southern California, when he died.

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  • cadmancadman Home of the Gators Posts: 23,172 AG
    One of my favorite songs

    Mini Mart Magnate

  • frankfrank Posts: 12,231 AG
    a guy at our temple met one of the band at a party and tells us the song came about when the were trying to write lyrics to a song about the garden of eden after they had each started into their own bottle of jack daniels
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  • cadmancadman Home of the Gators Posts: 23,172 AG
    Doug Ingle wrote the original 1:30 song that turned into Iron Butterfly. He had been drinking about a gallon of cheap wine and when they asked him to sing it, it came out In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida instead of in the Garden of Eden. The drummer actually wrote down the phonetic spelling of what he said and that became the 17 minute ballad. It was supposed to be a short song originally. I think it was only around 5 minutes the very first time they played it in public but grew into the first double platinum record ever.

    That was the story from Rolling Stone or some other magazine back in the day.

    Mini Mart Magnate

  • nuevowavonuevowavo Posts: 6,034 Admin
    I lost my virginity to that song, in Elmira, NY.
    We were at her parents' house (they were away) and it was the only album she owned.
    We put it on the turntable and raised the changer so it would repeat.
    And it did - for the whole day.

    Couldn't listen to that song again until I heard Iron Butterfly do it live at the Dewey Weber Long Board Classic party, at the Armory in Manhattan Beach, CA, in 1981.

    Haven't heard it since.

    Federales, bring my baby back to me!

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