Thunderstorm Gator Trout

Snuck out of work early today to catch the front coming through. Conditions were close to perfect as I was loading up the K12. Wind was still, temps were cooling and the rain was holding off. Tied on one of my favorite bone colored Spook Jr. Saw some mullet get freaked out near a deep channel. I casted the plug 6' past the school and worked it back without pausing. Ferocious hit and a miss. I gave it one more shot. Slowed the presentation and paused every third pop. This 26" Gator almost swallowed the plug. Glad to see some big trout still hitting topwater!! A few other small trout and a couple of reds completed my adventure. Great afternoon.

If anyone is interested in getting into kayak fishing, check out K12 Kayak! All Wet sports on Beach Blvd, Jacksonville will let you try one out. It was a great investment for me.

Happy fishing!




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