Kings in the Fog 12/9

I haven't been able to get offshore for awhile, with my wife past 8 months pregnant I needed to stay close. The newest fisherman has joined the family and things are getting back to normal.
On the drive to friend's house was thinking I hadn't gotten a king trip in this year, just a passing thought on long drive. Load boat with ice and old cooler full of old bait from freezer. We were met with a real challenge safely navigating to pass.

Sabiki'd blue runners and cigar minnows, just outside of pass. Headed for 85' area we fished last few times out. Got 2 keeper Red Grouper on drift and tossed marker out. Started chunking old bait and caught short reds and grunts while slick built up. Once the chum was built flat lines didn't last more than a minute in the water. Baits intended for the bottom didn't make it. Didn't prepare for kings, had 40# mono with circle hooks on flat lines. Lost quite a few, but landed some beasts.
Pesky school of big remoras were circling the boat all day. Caught sharks, Rudderfish, kings, scamp/red/gag grouper, and more in non-stop action for hours.

Too bad we weren't in a King tournament, biggest landed was 53" long with 23" girth.
Overcoming the challenge of fog paid off nicely.


  • barrymj23barrymj23 Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    anyone have an accurate guesstimate of the weight of a 53inch length/23inch girth king? I found a calculator online for kings and it said 47lbs...wasn't sure how accurate that was. It was definitely well over 40lbs...didn't have a scale big enough to weigh it.
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Great looking fish !
  • ericfericf Posts: 429 Deckhand
    Nice fish! You caught that thing on mono? Go get a lottery ticket!

    Impressive stuff.

    Tight Lines,
    Eric Fosbender

    Team Googanator

    2006 Bull Dolphin 22 with 250 Etec

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