40 ft west of clearwater - Grouper and Tiger Shark!

Got the kids up and decided to head out for a quick quick grouper trip . Found pinfish and blue runners a mile off the beach in 20 ft. Went to a good bottom area in 40 ft and anchored. Every bait down got eaten. We a mix of red and gag grouper with the biggest gags all taken on blue runners.
After 2 hours our live bait was gone and it was time to go. The kids are reeling in a small red grouper and Im reeling up my bait. As we get to the surface a tiger shark goes after the red grouper, misses but grabs my pinfish and then tries to get the grouper again. i quickly back the drag off has he starts running - now hes tangled in the red grouper line, goes around the anchor, then heads back underneath the boat and kids are screaming "shark" non stop ! I guessed right and got free of red grouper, got around and free of the anchor line and got the back off the boat with almost no line left on the reel. I tighten the drag and turned him! this is the 3rd tiger we have hooked this year. 2 like this one 5-6 ft and 1 that was 8-10 ft. We released everything.

Mike Wilhite - Fisherman/President

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