12-2-2012 Boynton. When the wind blows the lori jo goes. Good dolphin bite.

Cleared the inlet the around 7am with Chris and Billy. Was greeted with 3-5 footer's at the inlet and got though them with no problems. We set up the spread and head north. Get a bonita on a strip to start the morning off. Then the planer pops and nothing. Right after that the rigger gets hit and loose that one. Later on we get a double-header. Two phins in the box. Get up to the ritz and work that for a while and then head back south. We check the baits and the mullet that was down deep was cut clean behind the trailor hook. Now we have some new baits out. The another knockdown and Chris gets one. This one was hard to gaff cause he was hooked in the head. Keep on moving south and another good knockdown and Billy gets another phin. About 20 mins later the rigger pops out of the clip again and a nice phin comes aboard. One more phin comes to the boat but he comes unglued. Now were right off the inlet and we get back to back hits down deep. One on the planer and the other on the braid. Somehow those fish swam off with no hook's in there mouths. Gave it about another 20mins then called it day. The tide was changing and we didn't want to come in the inlet with an out going tide and a stiff ne wind. Seas were picking up as the day went on. 4-6 with some 8 footer's. All the bites were from 120-280 feet. The phins ate rigged squid and ballyhoo's. Finally tally 5 phins and 1 bonita. Will post a video and some pics soon.





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