Who Needs a Flats Boat... Night Kayak Slaying! 11/14/12

Joupdog1Joupdog1 Posts: 1,416 Officer
Dad and I dropped the kayaks in this evening just before 8:00. Paddled over to our first dock light and before I could even get my rod out, dad was already hooked up on a small fat snook! So I skip in and get another fat snook to start things off. Next light there are some larger fish popping in and a few casts later I'm locked into a better fish. Turns out to be my personal best fat snook. Dad then gets another fat snook that was only slightly smaller than the one I had just got! 4 fat snook in a row. Then dad breaks the streak with a small common. Head around to one of our last lights and we quickly pick off two nice snook. Both about 25". Then Dad hooks up to a monster, drag screaming and towing the kayak into the dock. Does his best to get it out, but the line catches something sharp on a piling and snaps. :banghead Then I got a couple of big ribbon fish and figured when that happens it's time to head in. Great trip for our first time going out in the kayaks at night. All fish were caught on DOA Glow CAL's rigged on Scorpion Jig heads. As for everyone saying that the St.Lucie River is trashed right now, we were in the St.Lucie. :grin

*Sorry for some of the poor picture quality, still getting the hang of the picture taking from the yaks.


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