Mingo to Keys Chronicles...

OK folk here is a compilation of trips in the recent mouth. I will start with the best. As all epic trips start off... I get a Phone call from Chris “Tex” Lewis telling me about an idea of a trip from Flamingo to Islandmorda on kayaks as I was driving to work one afternoon. With out hesitation, I say I am in. Minutes later, I get a call from Dj DanDecibel all pumped up about the trip. So for the next 6 days we planned everything out and got all the gear ready. After days of gearing up tying flies and looking at the weather the day of reckoning came. We made it to the park to be greeted by a storm with nasty winds but no worries it blew by and we had picture perfect weather from there on out. Fishing was just how we planned, packed full of adventure and stories to tell. Reds, tarpon, bonefish, blackdrum, a few permits seen but no takers and plenty of canned raviolis to last a lifetime. The 60 plus mile trek was accomplished and in the history books with a great group of characters and anglers.
Loading up.
Dan playing with Franklin and Cornelius the ringneck Dove on an island while waiting for the storm to blow by.
Chirs “Tex” Lewis the chef made some red fish ceviche that was the game changer on this trip.
Tex sick black drum he sight casted on fly!
Dan’s Red on fly
Well it was hot we were tired and Dan was up to his old tricks. As follows we ask dan for a few things from the yaks as we were in the tents. Dan comes back and ask Tex if he knew about Iron man… Tex answers back “yup” and Dan replies well meet “Iron Dan” history was made! I say we all had a good laugh for about 30 mins on this one!
Day two’s set up was not a five star resort as the first place. Water levels came up and we were all sleeping under water later that night!
Cooling off in Mingo waters!
Dan in the background trying to get a last minute cast as the sunset came down.
Touch down in Islandmorda.
Thanks for the good memories guys. A must do again. Pictures where a collaboration of all three of us.


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