Urban Peacok Guide Miami, FL

After warming up with some Cuban coffee to a chilly morning for Miami, I met up with my client Trevor from West Palm Beach and his long time fishing buddy, Doug. Trevor has been posting some sick double digit snakeheads caught "Urban Style" or on foot just a bit north of Miami. Naturally, we had a lot in common and hit it off right away. It's always refreshing to meet other anglers with similar views and ethics. "Anglers etiquette" is almost a mythological term these days, a dying breed for sure. The game plan; target peas on live baits and artificials. I was hoping to put Trevor on his first snook or tarpon but we were not fortunate enough to even see the spookish species but luckily we got on some decent peas after jumping around a bit. Doug broke the ice with this little female monoculus.

No matter how many clients I take out or how much experience they have, I always get butterflies in my stomach until the ice gets broken. With a sigh of relief after Doug's catch, I begin to relax for a bit. Minutes after, just like a light switch turned on, they were on back-to-back peas and the fun factor jumped up a few notches with instant smiles from ear-to-ear and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction flooded my senses.

We start to work a huge pea with live bait as the arsenal of lures came to a halt. I quickly realize the water was down a few feet combined with the cold snap that came threw, causing the bigger peas to lay near the bottom. They change their brilliant colors to a dark shade, blending almost perfectly with their environment but one tell stands out. The iconic sign of peas; their orange to red and golden flecks on the pectoral fins and tail. We got him to strike a few times but could not seal the deal. As the 6-7# pea decides he doesn't want to play with us. Doug hooks up again with a respectable male.

As I land the very upset male, I hear Trevor wrestling another pea before I even had Doug's unhooked. As Doug was releasing his pea, Trevor comes along side me with another male monoculus.

After several more casts, the bite faded and we decide to eat some lunch. Just after lunch I decide to take them to one of my secret honey holes but on the way, I remembered a little end plug and we decide to stop and take a few casts. We ran threw the live bait at the last spot and made the commitment to go strictly artificial for the rest of the day. Upon walking up to the spot, I see several nice lmb blowing out. I take a long cast parallel to the bank along a bed of fresh weeds with a suspending slash bait and this chubby female ocellaris whacked my lure like it owned her money.

I don't get the chance to wet lines too often on a guide but when the client really insists, I'll take the opportunity and the group effort was a lot of fun for us all. We left after a few more casts and headed to the honey hole. Right away, I see a 5#'er chilling in the shallows getting some sun but he didn't want anything to do with us and slowly swam towards the ledge and disappeared. We worked the ledges around the lake but didn't see much to my surprise. At the end of the first side of the lake, I land a couple of baby peas not much bigger than my 3" lure. We wrap around the lake and worked the ledges some more until I see a huge boulder just under the surface. I start working my retrieval as Doug and Trevor do the same just a few yards apart. Suddenly, I see a little pea trying to catch up to my lure so I stalled it for a second and he whomped it. 6 casts later with 5 short peas released averaging about a pound or two. Small guys but a lot of fun! If you guys are in Miami, definitely check out some of the guides for peacocks, especially if you have never caught one... its way too much fun and you'd be very surprised where you can actually catch them in South Florida. Come down and get some! Til then, tight lines and thanks for checking out my report. Tight lines!
"Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT


  • andygeekboyandygeekboy Posts: 53 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report, looks like you guys had a blast.

    I live in Miami and have just bought a gheenoe so I'll be hitting the canals for some peacock soon!
  • UrbanAnglerMiamiUrbanAnglerMiami Posts: 448 Officer
    Thanks for the report, looks like you guys had a blast.

    I live in Miami and have just bought a gheenoe so I'll be hitting the canals for some peacock soon!

    Cool man. You can hit up many spots in Miami with a Gheenoe. If it doesn't have a poling platform, you can get through many pipes for lmb, peacocks, freshwater jacks, snook & tarpon too. Tight Lines & Good luck!
    "Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT

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