Nassau Sound

Went with a buddy out to nassau sound to see what was goin on. Ended up netting up a bunch of mullet and started slaying the trout and bluefish.

Caught fish non stop from about 3 till dark.

Buddy also hooked into a nice red.

This was about the standard size for what we were catching

Buddys nice red

Cool pictures

Shut Up and Fish


  • JizzoJizzo Posts: 1,356 Officer
    That water looks calm.... perfect for launching the kayak. I love fishing that area.
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    Looks like a perfect day at the beach. Good to see the action is still on after the blow.
  • kajokajo Posts: 4,619 Moderator
    Looks like a jig head in the reds mouth? How were y'all rigged?
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  • MaverickMaverick Posts: 664 Officer
    2 Rods with fish finder rigs. we started getting bites that felt like flounder (and the baits looked like a flounder had been munching on em) so we rigged one rod with a jig head and took turns draggin it along the bottom while the other person took care of the other 2 rods.

    we eventually ended up just slinging the jighead out and letting it sit and were gettin more trout on that compared to the fish finder rigs.

    everything was done on mullet, didnt get as much as a sniff on shrimp

    current was ripping out of the inlet but once we got around to the beach side (probably couple hundred yards from the rocks) it was nice slow movement, tons of mullet everywhere.
    Shut Up and Fish
  • aucillaaucilla Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Congratulations on some nice catches and great pics. Thanks for posting! It's encouraging.....

    I'd love some more info on where this is. I am coming over in a few weeks, and hope to fish somewhere around Amelia Island. I will have a four-wheel drive truck, a 13-foot boat, and a willingness to wade. I started a thread already, seeking general advice. But this thread has me focused! ;)

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