10/21 Epic day off SI

Started off setting lines and was surprised to hook up with a Blackfin. Within an hour and a half went 4 for 6 on Blackfin which is a rare treat. especially not that far from Bethel. Stumbled across a weedline that was about 3 miles long. Trolled it up and back 4 times and boated 4 Dolphin out of 6. The 5th time down was the charm. Had a knockdown and as my son was fighting it a guest on the boat says there is a dolphin. I did not look just assuming another schoolie. I told him to pitch a bait on a 20# spinner not realizing it was a 27 pound Bull dolphin until I heard it take off. As he fights it my son boats 4 smaller dolphin in quick succession and then a 30# bull shows up and he hooks that one also. They are both fighting the big bulls at this point and land them together. Days tally 4 Blackfin and 10 Dolphin.

1st post and one worth making. Was surpised at the lack of boat traffic today. Only saw a couple of boats out there.


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