Pretty good weekend....

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I knew it was going to be an action packed weekend so I waited until today to post it all in one report so here it goes

Thursday I went out with a buddy to my favorite WMA to set up my treestand and check my cam for the last time. I have been getting some good bucks on my cam but it was only taking a few pics of them so I decided to set it to the most sensitive setting. So when we checked the cam there was 2,700+ pics. Holy crap. Does this thing work? After only being able to read the first few pics I decided to pull the whole cam anyway. When I got home I began looking through the pics. Probably thousands of pics of hogs. There were a few different groups. Scattered in between was just what I was looking for!


Some other good pics-


After putting in for this hunt for 3-4 years and getting alot of messages from yall about how loaded this place is I was so excited to go we were the first ones in the gate waay early. We got to a spot where I have seen hogs before while scouting and it was still too dark. I couldnt wait to start hunting. As soon as I could see my sights we got up and began slippin. 5 mins later BOOM! right where we were stopped somebody else must have bagged one. Oh well. Shortly after here comes a hog splashin through the water... I take the shot and shoot right over his back. 10 mins in my first hunt of the year and all this action? I ain't worried about that one. We slip through the woods for another hour or so and we spot a few hogs. I setup on a fallen tree and I'm not missing this time. Drop one in his tracks and his partner stands there. I go to shoot him too- click. Eject that round and begin the chase I took another shot at him but he dodged left as I pulled the trigger. Miss. I was happy with just one anyway. Snap a few pics and begin the drag.


One good thing about it being flooded-


Come back out later that day and now its her turn. New area. Left the shotgun and brought the .30-06. About 30 mins in we hear one coming through the water. She saw the pig but had no shot, pig got away. I walked out into the knee deep water and head high dog fennel to try to find him or push him out. I hear more pigs coming so I get behind a tree and blasted one at 15yds. His buddy stood there and froze. I go to reload and my entire bolt slides out the rifle. Wth. I knew I should have brought my pistol. I began to chase this one while trying to fix my rifle. He ended up getting away. I get back to the downed pig and its more high fives and hell yeahs.


Saturday I pick a new walk via map, looks promising. Probably the worst thorn-vine walk I ever made. It sucked. Boy were the bucks thick in there! That made it worth it. It was the first time she got to see big bucks up close. Very cool. On the way back to the hunt later that afternoon I decide to stop to check on this BIG gator that we have tags for. I end up getting stuck. 4X4 breaks. Crap. Luckily a friendly grove worker stops and pulls me out. Now we are pretty aggravated and a little late but I keep my head up and push on. Walked a new area only seeing a few deer. About 5 mins of shooting light left she points out a hog maybe 150yds away crossing the road. I put the crosshairs on him but it was too late. I run up there and cant find him in the field.

This would be our last morning and we decided to take it easy since we were both exhausted. I picked another area out and we began another walk. Deer deer deer deer..... no hogs. I knew this area was hunted out so I wanted to go to one last spot but we would have to cross a good distance of waist deep water through the cypress. We made it through without getting eaten by alligators and 5 mins into slipping I hear some hog grunts. Game on. My girlfriend has been doing extremely well (better than most of my huntin buddies) being quiet and moving slow behind me this whole hunt. Instead of leading her up to the pigs I am confident she can handle this. I get comfortable and lay down in the grass and tell her go ahead, take your time. She begins the stalk about 50yds and she's doin great. I can't see the hogs but I can see her. I hear the hogs making noise and getting closer. Its about to go down. I am extatic that she got this far. Oh **** she's aiming...BOOM! I see a hog floppin! Hell yes! She gives me the shh signal so I stay put. She racks the slide and fires again, 2 hogs down! Sweet! First kills ever, first time shooting slugs out of her new 20 guage and she drops 2 pigs. I am so proud of her. It was great to see her soo excited and happy to finally get something after many many hunts. This is awesome. Even though I had an almost 2mile drag to the truck with two 75lb hogs I didn't care, I was pumped. Just like before the high water made a small part of the drag easy. The rest of the drag was tough and she helped out too.


This was an awesome hunt and definately worth the 3 or 4 years wait for this permit. I felt privledged to hunt such a beautiful area with so much game. I forgot to ask what the total tally was for hogs but I am very satisfied with what we got! Thanks to all the forum members that messaged me and gave me the heads up on where to go. Hopefully I can post another thread like this since we have a deer quota this weekend! Good luck everybody and thanks for reading. Oh yea check this out-



  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,053 Moderator
    Super hunt. Seeing a new hunter gal jack up two hogs ! Well , like they say , it don't get any better.
    Thanks for sharing the story.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • Camocam813Camocam813 Posts: 244 Officer
  • spfldbowhunterspfldbowhunter Posts: 889 Officer
    Awesome story and pics, I can't wait for this weekend! I just hope you left a few :beer
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  • publichunterpublichunter Posts: 1,066 Officer
    ya'll got a lot of pork to eat
  • bswivbswiv Posts: 6,784 Admiral
    If you don't lock her down and marry her you are out of your mind!!!!

    I can only tell you from experence that a woman who'll get wet, hot, bit by bugs, kill what she's going to eat.........well.........she will make your life good if you don't screw it up. Sure, she'll call you on it when you're a idiot but who better than a woman you respect to help keep you in line.

    32 year later I'm still glad I saw the light!!!
  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 1,087 Officer
    Sounds like a genuinely fun time all round! Now send that gal a few flowers to seal the deal!
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  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,261 Officer
    WTG Harry! Good on you man, glad you got her on some game!
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  • Capt.AWCapt.AW Posts: 924 Officer
    Man you crushed it! I've been out west the past week staring at these guys.....


    Unfortunately the only shooting that happened was with a camera
  • down4dacountdown4dacount Posts: 2,580 Officer
    Great story and awesome hunt , Congrats . Good Luck this weekend , should be a good one .
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    Full moons make me crazy and I go out and kill deer . Come to think all moon phases do that to me
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  • DONY 1DONY 1 Posts: 557 Officer
    Great story and hunt. Congrats!
    Don't cost nuttin to be nice
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    Good reading and good results! Congrats to both of you!
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 11,793 AG
    She's a keeper and congrats on a great hunt!
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  • FloridaBoyFloridaBoy Posts: 284 Officer
    She's a keeper for sure, there's no doubt about that! Thanks everybody for the congrats! Hope I helped a few people out for this weekend's hunt
  • PermitchaserPermitchaser Posts: 871 Officer
    very nice pics,hogs look awesome .
  • GrillaGGrillaG Posts: 1,259 Officer
    awesome hunt good story cool pics, gotta love it when a plan comes together, awesome job, thanks for sharing
  • gamehunter1023gamehunter1023 Posts: 467 Officer
    Man it sure is nice to be young and do all that dragging lol. Very nice hunts and congrats sounds like you had a great time. Oh Marry that girl
  • Bass&GasBass&Gas Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Holy cow that's a lot of pics on that cam.

    That was an awesome story. Those pics are awesome. Especially the part on Sunday. Felt like I was right there. Great job on the hogs. That had to be a chore with all of that dragging. Makes my back hurt just thinking about it.

    FloridaBoy, you need to marry that gal. She is a keeper for sure. Let us know when the wedding is.

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