St Thomas Blue Marlin Trip Report

INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,697 Captain
For those that just want to see the highlights, you can watch it here

My brother and I had the chance to fish with some guys that REALLY have their game together on bait and switch marlin fishing on the North Drop off St. Thomas. We fished two days and managed to go 3 for 4 on Blues and even found a White for a bit of variety.

Battlwagons at American Yacht Harbor


Hook Up #1 On The Pitch

Catch #1 On The Leader

He got a little a frisky close to the boat


This is perhaps my new all time favorite picture

The only outboard boat we saw on the Drop was an Intrepid...I wasn't surprised :wink

Marlin #2 was a bit bigger (maybe 450#) and gave me a bit more pull.

This is the best photo I have but the leader man had a GoPro on a headband and if I ever get that video it will be spectacular

My brother caught a nice White

Literally with 2 minutes before lines out Bob hooked into his first Atlantic Blue. He looks pretty determined.

A short time later he was on the leader


Sahara dust makes for a beautiful sunset and fitting end to a beautiful day


  • Capt KurtCapt Kurt Posts: 323 Officer
    Nice pics. Looks like a great trip. Can't comment on the video yet, I'll watch it at home. Cheers Rich.
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 12,971 AG
    You guys in the full midst of all your glory! Excellent!

    Ahemmmmmm....... I see lots of pink associated with many of those lures! :grin
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  • Flyers UpFlyers Up Posts: 655 Officer
    Nice Vid thanks for sharing.
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,653 Captain
    great report, great video. liked the first music track a lot. congrats.
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  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 940 Officer
    great pics, you are on the marlin this year
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,345 Admiral
    Great shots Rich! Thanks for sharing
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,372 Captain
    Awesome shots and a great trip. Still kicking myself for not going. :banghead Next time it's ON!

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  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    Simply awesome! :hail
  • restlessnativerestlessnative Posts: 1,928 Captain
    Great report, thanks for sharing. Private boat I assume?
  • 2amigo2amigo Posts: 3,631 Captain
    That just looks like a really boring time. :grin

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