Florida Girl 10/06 Sword report

I typed a full report and got logged out and it was erased so here is a picture report. We went 3/3 on swords with 1 being released and two being taken. We highspeed trolled in the evening with only a cuda to show for it and threw out ballyhoo in 400 ft in the morning and pulled the hooks on a nice wahoo and released another cuda. We had a great trip with a awesome crew despite being surrounded by storms more than half of the trip. Thanks to Adrian, Casey, and Ryan for being an awesome crew in less than ideal conditions.


  • ledslinger29ledslinger29 Posts: 837 Officer
    Nice lookin fish man!
  • Kapn SkinnyKapn Skinny Posts: 1,008 Officer
    Sounds like it's time for a sword fight. :dance

  • capciofficapcioffi Posts: 798 Officer
    Great job guys and some good eats. So how far out do you have to go?
  • 3ofakind3ofakind Posts: 76 Deckhand
    Awesome job Corey and crew! Call me next time.
  • KINIBKINIB Posts: 350 Officer
    Tight suckas!! Red devil gets em every time ;)
  • ConvertedConverted Posts: 117 Officer
    Thanks Corey for a great trip, it was nice for things to come togther so well. It was a great night except for the cruise ship who wanted to run us over. Oh and thanks to Adrian for all the rigging, no one else on the boat was any help in that department.
  • knot tightknot tight Posts: 237 Deckhand
    Thanks guys. Not sure exactly how far we were offshore but it was somewhere close to 65 nautical miles.
  • yelowfinnyelowfinn Posts: 97 Deckhand
    Had a great time with a great crew! Looking foward to our next adventure!!
  • ConvertedConverted Posts: 117 Officer
    Cpt. I know you see me, what are you doing, what are your intentions. Hello, you are a quarter mile away I know you see us.

    He must be turned sideways because we can only see his green light, where is his red navigation light??????

  • GaffitGaffit Posts: 580 Officer
    Solid work guys! Thanks for the report!:beer
  • Catch.22Catch.22 Posts: 160 Officer

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