One of the better days - Port Everglades - 10-01-2012

Sometimes, you have that feeling that you are in for an epic day of fishing. It’s the combination of preparation, the right crew, and perfect conditions which leave you spending the whole day in anticipation that you are in for one of those special days where the stars are going to align and you are going to have an unforgettable day on the water.
We have been trying to daytime swordfish on our boat for a while, with weather, illness, and whip-lash from whip cracking, keeping us from being able to do so. Saturday was the day, and we headed out of Port Everglades with a smooth run out to the swordfish grounds. Drop 1 was uneventful and a after a false alarm on a bite, we reset and drop 2 was sent down. The secret, invasive, freshwater, baby bass eating bait was sent down and within 10 minutes, the rod had that bounce that gets your blood flowing, and the rod loaded and we were on with a fish. A nice battle ensued and we were up to the weight, with Zack making some Nascar like maneuvers on the wheel as the fish surfaced off the back of the boat and he kept the fish from getting into the engines. The fish surfaced 20 feet behind the boat, and on his first throw of the harpoon ever, Trainwreck Peck sticks him with our new $600 dollar toy from RJ’s, I gaffed him in the head and we hauled him over the side into the boat. Kreeshka on the reel, Zack on the wheel, me on the gaff, and Peck on the harpoon and we had our first sword of the day on the boat as smooth as an operation as you can have.

A solid 60 inch fish and we secured him, threw some ice on him in the tarp, but it was only 10:30 am. We decided it was early and to make another drop and to run back south and re-set. While running back to our spot, we spotted a large crate on the surface. There was a ton of life on the crate and we started chunking, but all the chunks were getting inhaled by tons and tons of jacks as they hit the water, but no dolphin. There’s no way there aren’t dolphin on this crate and Kryshka casts out a huge chugger, and starts retrieving it. It immediately gets blasted on the surface by several nice dolphin chasing the chugger, and there’s our school. We fished this crate for 2 hours, sometimes having triples on, having one land on the T-Top during a fight. At one point all of us were giggly with the mayhem that was ensuing with dolphin flying everywhere and the carnage on the boat. We were stepping over swordfish while fighting dolphin and slipping on other dolphin. The total tally off the crate was 14 dolphin 8-15 pounds and a tripletail. Now with a whole mess of fish on the boat and out of ice and bait, we had no choice but to head for the barn. Headed back into port silent, in awe of the 3 hours of fishing we just witnessed.

Outside of the fishing, getting back to port and filling up at the new fuel dock on the East side of the 17th Street causeway was a perfect capper to the day. For those who haven’t been there yet, the staff there pumping your gas and tying your boat docks is something to behold and there will be boats crashing into the docks with that kind of talent walking around. I would have happily given the girl working at the fuel pump all of our fish if she had wanted, and the sight of a couple lecherous speechless anglers in a boat full of dead fish was a sight to behold.

All in all another day in paradise with good friends right in our backyard.


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