Eagle (Lowrance) Cuda 128 Depth Finder Connector Plug Failure SOLUTION

FishyTech215FishyTech215 Posts: 85 Deckhand
My Eagle Cuda 128 depth finder's connector plug had disintegrated to the point where the rubber material that the plug was comprised of was crumbling. It would no longer plug into the DF.

After exhaustive searches looking for a replacement plug that I could simply solder onto the wiring from the transducer, I found that no such plug is available. The only solution "out there" is to purchase a new transducer/cable combo for more than $50, and go through the work of installing it. I didn't like that I had to do all this and pay all that just for a plug problem.

I finally decided to see if I could solder directly to the pins on my DF. Well, after cleaning the pins really well with cleaner and compressed air, all 6 pins accepted solder!

I then cut the old plug off, determined the pinout with an ohmmeter, and soldered the wires directly to the DF. Yes the DF is now permanently affixed to the boat, and I am OK with that, but an easy alternative would be to go down to Radio Shack (or wherever) and find a 6 pin male and corresponding female plug that you could use to disconnect the DF as needed. (I like to store my electronics OFF the boat since they don't corrode out as fast indoors). Finally I used RTV silicone sealant to seal the pins and wires from the elements.

Based on my research, the "plug problem" occurs on at least several different Eagle/Lowrance depth/fish finders, and this repair can be used where practical.

I can post a pinout diagram if anyone is interested.




  • FishyTech215FishyTech215 Posts: 85 Deckhand
    Not the best seal job but it will do:

    The pinout diagram for Eagle Cuda 128
  • ChummerChummer Posts: 87 Deckhand
    Thanks for posting. I've had to remake power and signal cables from scratch, so I can appreciate your solution.

    I think one challenge you'll have is strain relief. You might consider looping the cable back to the unit, and then securing it to the housing with some kind of cable clamp to minimize flexing. Any kind of cable flexing may fatigue the wire at the solder joint. Since boats see a lot of shock and vibration, that's something to think about. If it were my way, all my wiring would use mil-spec connectors.
  • eli_lillyeli_lilly Posts: 135 Deckhand
    Thanks for this post. The connector plug on my Eagle completely disintegrated, and I'm going to use your diagram to make a replacement.

  • highflyer885highflyer885 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    I cannot seem to open the pics for the pinout diagram for Eagle Cuda 128
    The only pic that is open is the aabove one with the various plugs/connectors. I am rewiring the transduced to plug into a Uniden QT206 for which I don't have a transducer and to buy one is $100. So I thought I'd add a plug to the wiring of the Cuda 128 I have and use that transducer to run the QT206 too. I have taken readings and know the power source pins but not sure of the remaining 4.

    Any help like the pic above would be great.


  • eli_lillyeli_lilly Posts: 135 Deckhand
    Try the direct image url http://thealdensorg.dyndns.org/boat/ABII/EagleCuda128DepthFinderPlugProblem/DepthFinderConnectorPinoutDiagramM.jpg

    Are the transducers interchangeable like that?

  • FishyTech215FishyTech215 Posts: 85 Deckhand
    A year later, my repair job is still holding strong. It is a good fix!
  • Little_GeneLittle_Gene Posts: 366 Officer
    Know this is an old thread but I used your pinout picture to fix a friends Cuda 168 this weekend. The plug looked just like yours, rotten to the point of falling apart. I used butt connectors to replace the plug. The translucent yellow ones I picked up from Radio Shack were almost a perfect fit. Trimmed the excess plastic insulater off one end and with just a little pressure deformed the end so that there is some friction on the pins. I can't remember the size of the connectors but the red 18-21g ones were far to big. Thanks for doing the hard part!
  • lawnman53lawnman53 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    I know it's been a while since this post. Can you repost the Pinout Color code. I can not see the picture and its blurry when I blow it up.
  • FishyTech215FishyTech215 Posts: 85 Deckhand
    I rcvd a few inquiries about my diagram being hard to read.
    Use the following link to access my diagram as it should be easier to read:

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