jumbo tuna and mutton snapper off pompano

Kellan and I got a late start yesterday, we launched off pompano around 9:30am. The waves were crashing pretty hard on the beach but we managed to get out after a good soaking. We headed out to the first wreck and on my first drop with a jig, my line started screaming. I get the fish up to the yak and realize it is a very nice mutton. This is my first mutton on a jig. I must say this was a very nice start to the day. There was a slight north current which made it ideal for wreck fishing. We stayed around the corey and chris wreck for a while and picked up a couple AJ's and almacos. Kellan then mentioned we should go fish a secret ledge that has been very productive in the past. (sorry, cant tell you where that is) as soon as we get there, both kellan and i are hooked up on some big fish. My drag is screaming and i thought for sure it was a big AJ taking me down to the wreck to cut me off, but to my suprise, it was a jumbo tuna. I get him in the boat and scream to kellan that i got a jumbo black fin, he heads over to me with his fish and it is a jumbo black fin as well. They were both right at 15lbs. After a little celebrating, we bleed the fish and got them in the cooler. on my very next drop, i am hooked up again. This fish took probably 75% of my line, i think it was another jumbo black fin but when the drag finally slows down and i start to reel than SNAP, i got cut off. as you can imagine i was swearing like a druken sailor. I pulled up my line and there was just 1 inch of leader left on my line. i am assuming i was cut off in the wreck. after that i managed a couple bonnies and some small almacos, i believe Kellan pulled in three more black fin. it turn out to be an epic day. enjoy the pics



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