Miamimuttonman Report in Miami 9/19/12 off Key Biscayne

This trip was out of Miami, waited for one of the two doctors to go to a meeting early, then we left the doc at 8:30 am, headed straight to the Bug Light, there we caught some cigar minnows, and a few pin fish and we headed out. The first spot was in 65 feet. The current was heading north and a little too fast for the yellowtail fishing, but for the bottom fishing it was good. Shortly after getting down the first bait, one of the Docs, hooks into a nice mutton and in he comes. After, the lady brings up another nice mutton, while one guy was fishing for the yellowtails he hooked up to a nice mutton, on the little hook and it also made it to the boat. We also hooked a nice king that came off the hook before making it to the gaff. Then minutes later he hooks up a yellowtail that gets grabbed by something that released it missing scales and I told them it was a grouper or jack, sure enough it happened again a short while later and we where able to see a nice 20 plus pound yellow jack that let go and came back to grab this tail again, I quickly put down a live bait but it never hit. these anglers, were getting constant hits and lost many fish to the rocks, but also got their share of a nice catch for the dinner table. I also had an unexpected guest the family dog, she laid around and relaxed as they fished but they caught a bonito and I cut it up for bait and next thing I know, the bait peaces keep disappearing until I saw her eating them. she loves bonito.
After loosing a few fish the bite shut down and the current had dropped so we decided to go to another spot in deeper water, where we released two red groupers to make a total of 5 groupers including three undersize blacks we had released earlier. The lady caught another mutton here. These spots are new spots we found just looking at the bottom machine and stopping where we marked fish. the ocean was really nice and it was a very hot day. here are some pics, the last one is of their previous trip with me. Get out the fish are hungry, Tight Lines.:fishingP9190007_zpsd8b96661.jpgP9190006_zps7799d080.jpgP9190005_zps8a6fa0db.jpgPhoto1530_zps4036575d.jpgPhoto1527_zps32fd85fe.jpgP9190012_zps6238987d.jpgP9190010_zpse199a1a8.jpgIMG_0636.jpg


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