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  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    Hey guys fishing started with a 7 hour ride way west.We droped our first baits and it was on bites right away. I thought for sure it was on but i thought to soon the bite shut off for a lil then sharks started to turn on. After some sharks we made a move and we started to pluck some more mutts. The trip wasn't on fire but if you put time on the rail you managed to do well. Gogs were working well and so was ballyhoo.
    We tried to fish in 220 for the red snappers but the current was to much.I had a 24oz sinker and still had it walking. The sunrise and sunset bite was on fire. The end of the trip i dropped 3 baits and had 3 bites
    all in 13 mins then we had to leave :( . We left wanting more we were hoping the boat would brake down so we can keep fishing lol well i did..... Guys this time of the year the fish really turn on i would try to
    jump on a trip asap... Total fish 16 mutts 18lb black 2/8 kings oooooo the yellow tails were extremly thick .
  • globalwavetrackerglobalwavetracker Posts: 227 Deckhand
    Nice catching and seems like beautiful weather. Hope to find time to head down after our great Salmon runs here.
  • Yankee CaptsYankee Capts Posts: 740 Officer
    Thanks for taking the time to post.

    I had fun this weekend too

  • SnaphappySnaphappy Posts: 1,377 Officer
    Nice report Bobby. 16 mutts and a nice black is nice two day trip indeed. I'm headed down for the 3 day leaving tomorrow. Really light load so far, hopefully a couple more jump on today. I will be so bummed if we get canceled. I need to catch me some muttons! You should head back down this weekend!
  • snappersnatchersnappersnatcher Posts: 134 Officer
    Bro I wish I'm a lil tight with money and work is slow right now so I think my boss wouldn't care to bad if I went im going to try we'll see .
  • cudamancudaman Posts: 402 Officer
    Nice report and fish man :beer $$$ wish I had plenty to be on every trip, well to at least be on another trip this year.:crossed
    I only keep what I eat or will use for bait.
    I release all sharks.
  • wellcraftwellcraft Posts: 1,333 Officer
    Good job
    Nice mutton!
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  • bottom feederbottom feeder Posts: 844 Officer
    Way to go Bobby.

    Leaving Florida... take a developer with you!

  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,082 Officer
    Very nice fish, congrats to you and to those wonderful captains.Tight lines
  • migsthunnusmigsthunnus Posts: 112 Officer

    It has been too long since my last trip out with you and your crew. Sure do miss the Yankee, her crew, captains, the awesome fishing, and all the characters you meet on board. Hope yo see you guys soon over the holidays.

  • ultraplayer26ultraplayer26 Posts: 814 Officer
    nice gouper bobby.

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