Mixed species at Bayport 9/16

With my available fishing weekends quickly narrowing down, decided to head out to Bayport today to see if we could improve upon last weeks trip.

Put in around 7:30 to a low tide and steady breeze. Tide wasnt supposed to be in until 2pm so we had a few hours to kill until the water started moving again.

I started off the day with a top water zara spook. Came across a point with a trickle of water moving so i casted over and had something kinda small take the bait. Got it to the boat and was suprised to see a mini cuda:

After that, the water went flat. Decided to drift the flats north of the channel for a bit. The water was about 2-3 feet with a grassy/sand spotted bottom. Did a couple of drifts with a mirrodine and ended up with a few ladyfish, a pinfish who though he was a monster, a small jack and a small trout:

We decided to start setting up in some back waters so we would have a decent position for when the tide started rolling in. We paddled up a small creek that was just deep enough for the kayak to float in which opened up to a bay that was about 3ft deep. My brother casted a jig off one of the sawgrass points and came up with a nice red:

We continued to fish the bay which was filled with mullet but couldn't find any takers. At this point the tide has started coming in pretty steady so i setup on a shoreline that we fished last weekend and i landed a nice trout on jig:

Was getting pretty hot out and the tide was almost finished coming in so i decided to hit one more spot before calling it a day and man am i glad i did. I paddled up to the spot which was a weed line that came to a point. Water depth was about 3-4 feet. As i approached i saw something boiling and attacking a bait pod there. I saw a fin come up that looked like a small tarpon. I casted the mirrodine out there hoping for a shot at my first tarpon ever and it hit the bait but didnt take it. Made a few more casts and on the 3rd cast i get nailed! The fish made a beeline for the weeds and ran up and down the shoreline twice. It then went straight into the weeds dragging my kayak right into it.

With my rod in my right hand holding pressure on the fish and my paddle in my left hand, i was able to push myself half way out of the weeds, then the fish decided to pull me out the rest of the way. I was finally able to get the fish boat side and it turns out i wasn't a tarpon but a pig of a red:

That was my second red from a kayak and one of the largest i've ever caught.

I continued to fish the weed line for about 15 more minutes and decided to call it a day. I paddled back to the launch while my brother tried one more spot where he ended up landing a nice jack.

All in all, great day on the water.


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