How to rig an Islander Lure...

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Using an Islander lure for the first time. I know that Ive seen a segment on FS TV on how to rig trolling lure but cant find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I did a google search for videos on how to do it but cant seem to find any good ones.


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    it depends on what you want to rig it for. If you are using it as a baithead, do this:
    -if its a fullsize Hawaiian Eye, I like 6-10' of 200 lb xtra hard momoi crimped to a 9/0 or 10/ stainless j-hook. You can use a piece of #12 wire for a pin, but I dont. Either monel or the longest length of copper you can find, I like the 18" length. Prep a medium, select, or horse bally by at least removing the eyes and popping the back, pooping them is optional. Rig your bally, break the bill, and slide your H.E. over top.

    -if you are rigging it to high speed for wahoo, I like 20' of 300 or 400 xtra hard momoi crimped to a heavy BB swivel, with around 3' of heavy wire or cable tracer to the hook after the BB swivel. This will keep the lure from sliding up the leader after a strike, and the tracer is short enough to keep with plug within the wahoo's body profile which reduces chances of cutoffs from other wahoo. you can run islanders rigged with horse ballyhoo, naked, or with a squid skirt and egg sinker shoved up behind it for more weight and silouhette

    go to Marlin Magazine and look up rigging techniques. is another great resource
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  • Playin' HookyPlayin' Hooky Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Thanks. Marlin Mag lead me to this link for anyone interested:

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