IRL Breeders on light tackle!!

Got out with Tyler this morning and we headed to Titusville (10 min up the road) in search of some big breeder Redfish. It was a nice morning with a slight 4-8mph westerly breeze. On our first stop we saw absolutly nada although I landed a small Trout blindcasting. So we headed to a spot where there had been some recent bigguns hangin out. No luck on seein any monsters but Tyler snatched up an upperslot beautiful tailer for the first of our targeted species of the day. Lots of large mullet scattered around the murky coffee colored water making it difficult for us to sightcast anything. We saw some large tails in the distance but they seemed to dissappear as we would work our way there. A large storm was increasingly growin over our head and we knew time was limited so I suggested one more spot to check on our way back to the ramp. That turned out to be a great idea. No fish in my spot exactly but as we were slowly motoring out Tyler noticed a large school that had bumped up in the distance. As we approached to investigate I saw the water turn crimson red. A large school of 40" fish!! Tyler tossed over a top water Bomber and was immediately crushed upon arrival. Fortunately for didnt stick. Now my turn....I tossed in front of the school a 5" shadtail. First taker missed it but the next fish behind him inhaled it. Very cool eat !!! I was workin a 3000 Saros loaded with 10lb braid on a super light rod. We had to chase this one down with the trollin motor. He almost spooled me four times as my mono backing was being yanked thru the rods eyes.Thought for sure I was gonna lose this battle but I managed my largest Redfish this year into the boat for a pic!! 42" IRL Redfish.
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