Slob redfish on articifial in IRL

The day started out as a disaster....I temporarily lost the plug for 10 minutes then after my boat only being idle for two weeks i apparently had a little water in the gas i had to burn off for 15 minutes or so then upon further gas line inspection i discovered a broken clamp... so its back to shore for a replacement. After waking up @ 5:20 we're finally to the spot at 8:30. (thought about going back home to sleep after that mess for sure lol). Within 10 minutes of motoring down we spot the biggest tail i've ever seen in the flats. He followed the jerk bait about 5 feet then dissapeared for the rest of day...sigh....All is not lost...5 minutes later my buddy hooks into what looks to be 35"...but after getting him to boat on 10lb braid he makes the mistake of putting a little muscle on him and he breaks off. At this point the fish go into hiding so we decide to pickup and move a little bit. We quickly boat a nice 21" slotty and the sun is starting to get overhead so we slow the trolling motor down to a crawl and turn our eagle eyes on. There are reds moving very slowly making v-wakes in all directions so we get in the path of a couple and break another one off...ugh. Shorty after that i notice a bait disturbance that cleary is the result of a predator in the area to which i throw this white paddle tail shad with 3/0 1/8oz hook and zooooooooooooooooooooooooom off i go. After about 10 minutes of carefully fighting him so we do not break off the 3rd fish of the day we boat him and he is monster. A quick 1 min out of the water for dehooking and picture and we slipped him right back to fight another day.....i was going to revive him but he was so heavy he slipped thru my hands and just took off.


  • idrummer13idrummer13 Posts: 126 Officer
    That's a nice one!!! Great job!
  • roto7777roto7777 Posts: 2,540 Officer
    Oink...Thats a pig!
  • SteveB79SteveB79 Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Thats a good photo. You should give the photographer some credit. Wouldve been nice to hookup the first tail we saw. One of the biggest Ive seen. I made a rookie mistake while landing the first overslot and broke em off. Then broke another on the hookset. Shouldnt have brought a knife to a gunfight. Way out gunned but atleast T-money was ready with 20lb test in hand and ready to make a cast!! Nice fish Tyler. Way to show me how its done. Congrats!!
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  • adcadc Posts: 113 Officer
  • Panfishangler1Panfishangler1 Posts: 884 Officer
    Great Fish, enjoyed reading your nightmarish fishing story... but hey, a fishing day is a story to begin with! whats an adventure without a little stress and misfortune right?! always a happy ending though :)
  • dble-downdble-down Posts: 518 Officer
    great fish , way to go. That water sure looks dirty, is that the algae bloom?
  • WayoflifeWayoflife Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    dble-down wrote: »
    great fish , way to go. That water sure looks dirty, is that the algae bloom?

    Lots of algae bloom and a little rain runoff. The visibility was literally about 6 inches and looked like one of the tan brown texas catfish lakes. The ONLY way to catch fish in that color water is to sight them and land it right in front of em or to put out some stink bait out.

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