Kayak Lobstering 9/4 First Catch

After years of talking about going "lobstering" by kayak, weeks of practicing and the 3rd day trying to catch one. I finally caught my first lobster.

Kellan, Chris and I went to Dania Beach today with our Hookah setups to go lobstering. The storm must have pushed them shallow since we were getting them in ~15 feet. The visibility was pretty poor and I had to surface several times when I lost the reef.

On our second dive of the day, I finally stumbled on a mother load of bugs hanging out. There were antennas everywhere that I could see. I had to calm my self down and try to remember the techniques of snaring. I pick the easiest positioned lobster and snuck my snare just behind his tail. Now is the part that I have failed at earlier, getting him to back up into the snare. I wave my hand at him, nothing. I swim a little closer as if charging with my mask, nothing. I finally (perhaps accidentally) flapped my hand at him, pushing water into his face and he finally crawled backwards right into my snare. *ZIP*, I yanked him out and had caught my very first lobster without any help. As I reach for my gauge, I realized that it and along with my bag had fallen out of my pocket as I was swimming. I looked around for Kellan and Chris, but they were no where to be seen. So here I was, with lobster in hand and in front of a half dozen more, with nowhere to put them. I really considered dropping my snare (a bright green color) next to the spot and swimming off to find Kellan with the one lobster I caught. Luckily, I caught sight of something yellow, which might be another hookah hose and I bee-lined for it. I found Kellan and Chris upside down looking into a hole. It took a little bit of proding and poking to get their attention, but we finally measured and bagged the lobster I had and I led us back to the spot I found. We cleaned up the place. At one point I saw Kellan with a lobster in his snare and another lobster in his hand. (How did you do that by the way?) I even caught my second lobster to end the dive.

We ended up doing 3 dives today and limited out with 18 bugs between the 3 of us. I picked up 3 more on our last dive with 2 being short. Pretty big leap from skunking out to getting 6 in one day! On top of catching lobsters, I had a couple more adventures through out the dive. I was diligently poking out a lobster deep inside a jack when all of a sudden, a 6-foot nurse shark comes out the same hole. I wasn't so much scared as startled, but it was a pretty neat sight and the first shark I have encountered while diving. I also stuck my head in a hole to be greeted with a moray eel staring back at me. He stared at me, I stared at him and we came to a mutual understanding that I would move along.

Thanks to Kellan and Chris for taking the time to teach me the ropes and allowing me to tag along on their trips. Even simple things aren't that intuitive when you're just a newbie.

Being a boss on the beach.

The catch.

It's what's for dinner.


  • blazing_reelsblazing_reels Posts: 587 Officer
    That is so bad ***! Grats on your first bug!!!! I have yet to even think of trying to go lobstering. Do you need a stamp or a permit to harvest them?
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 790 Officer
    Looks like a blast. I wouldn't think of it with Vis the way it is.
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  • bonitabobbonitabob Posts: 675 Officer
    Very cool! I love the last pic "it's what's for dinner" Nice!!!
  • PBG-JohnPBG-John Posts: 416 Officer
    Just like mom used to say when I walked in with food. "I hope you brought enough for everybody".
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  • quatinquatin Posts: 592 Officer
    That is so bad ***! Grats on your first bug!!!! I have yet to even think of trying to go lobstering. Do you need a stamp or a permit to harvest them?

    You need a lobster stamp on top of your fishing license.
  • LivinthedreamLivinthedream Posts: 207 Officer
    It was an awesome day out! Great job mastering the snare Jimmy! Anyone thinking about diving from their yak should do it! We use a 60ft hookah hose attached to the dive tank which is secured to the kayak. Then we just setup up current, get in and drift with the yaks. Easy and tons of fun!

    A picture from the second dive...

  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,209 Moderator
    Saw you guys yesterday, the water visibility was so poor I dunno how you all did so well, so congrats!
    I'd like to try diving from the kayak too, when the time comes I'll PM you guys some questions.
    Hobie Kayak angler for life!
  • firesq5firesq5 Posts: 87 Deckhand
    Great job guys, I'm jelous. Hey Kellen you think those bugs would look as good in my Trident?
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    Great work Jimmy. Nice haul.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    wo wo wo dont forget about me kellan you swam by every lobster i found. awsome day my first limit inn the yak to bad it wasnt mini season cause i caught way more than my limit but the law is the law
  • wellcraftwellcraft Posts: 1,333 Officer
    Man you guys really do it all out of your yaks! Nice work!
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