Port Canaveral - Freddie Patrick Park - Future Plans

Since the last thread was getting a bit murky on the message I'm starting a new one with images of the changes in store. This is going to happen sooner rather then later, probably around 2014, 2015.

Let's keep it civil and no need to hurl insults at the commissioners.

My position is we can co-exist with the ports plans to create jobs but I am not happy to see our trailer parking is being moved out to George King blvd. and our current parking is being turned into a tourist car parking lot and retail complex.

Folks I still think the best thing to do is to call the commissioners and voice your concerns. Here's a link that shows what district you are in, if you are a Orlando boater who uses the ramps you can still call and let them know your thoughts.

Remember this is YOUR port. You vote for these guys and they will listen, just look at what happened this past election to one of the incumbents who was against the hotel association. I think they all realize that the locals are paying attention to what's going on at our port


Call this number and you will reach the secretary for the commissioners Phone: (321) 783.7831, Let her know who you want to speak with and she'll either give you a direct number or she will forward a message. I've called her a couple of times and Mr. Sullivan called me back with in the hour so my experiences have been they are very responsive when a local voter calls with concerns.

Please post if you call your commissioner and what type of response you get

Here's a aerial shot from Google so you can see what Freddie Patrick today.


Here's what the port wants it to look like in the future.



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  • WayoflifeWayoflife Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    I think if somebody took the time to put together a video highlighting the importance and impact of local rec fisherman it could put some additional pressure on the commision. Nothing quite illustrates the distance between parking and your boat like a picture lol. You could include some on the street interviews asking locals what brought them to the port and what they'd like to see in the future. All of the safety concerns of leaving your boat tied for the 10 minute walk could also be addressed in a more visible manner. Oh...and local news loves to run these sort of things.

    I know the "Unofficial Titusville Tourism Video" really stirred the pot with local elected leaders here.
  • O.SEA.DO.SEA.D Posts: 646 Officer
    Is anyone on here active with the local fishing clubs? What are their thoughts?
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  • SpinfisherSpinfisher Posts: 753 Officer
    From a trailer boater and safety perspective the plan is ****. Imagine a busy Labor Day weekend, with several hundred boats coming in and out between all those tourist and retail clients.... add 10-15 minutes to each boat launch

    ...once someone gets run over by tripple axels, they will shut down the boat ramps and that is it!

    over and out,

  • JethroJethro Posts: 409 Deckhand
    There will be some crippled anglers pissed that they have to hike so far to fish
  • beachsideandybeachsideandy Posts: 880 Officer
    Wow, once that happens I will only be rolling out of SEB since I am right in the middle, and I trailer.
  • O.SEA.DO.SEA.D Posts: 646 Officer
    folks - Please post of specific issues you see with these plans. I'll collate your feedback and send a email to my commissioner and request a response to our concerns.
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  • beachsideandybeachsideandy Posts: 880 Officer
    They should definitely keep the trailer parking as close to the boat ramp as possible to reduce truck/trailer interaction with people. They can put the tourist lot far away, and line the path/road toward Grills with outdoor shops/stands like they have in the islands. So they will spend even more money on their way into the new "complex".
  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 230 Officer
    I'm sorry if this comes off stupid but I hate politics. That said as a brevard resident for the last three years when are the port commission up for election. Fishing in Florida is the number one recreational sports close to golf. I don't understand why people in this sport can't get along. We the people support the boat manufacture, tackle shops from the small guy like fishermans world, handler, and the very large retailers bass pro, wal mart and the list goes on. Florida don't forget the sales tax paid and licenses paid to fwc. Lets vote these representitives out they understand no power.

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