8/24 - CR - REDS & RAIN

Woke up early for some topwater and was greeted with some rain just off shore....SHOCKER:banghead Actually it worked out well since there was a good cloud cover, just what I like. Decided to stay in the Salt River area since it is a shorter run when the %#&@* hits. Caught a 21" Red in the first area, but the Jacks were so thick it was hard to get an undisturbed retrieve, but fun!:grin Moved to another bar and this 32"+ Red gulped my Skitterwalk. Couldn't even see any of the lure in its mouth, but got it out easily with some forcepts. What a bruiser!!!
Went to another bar and got a great treat when I saw this 30"+ Red coming from about 5' away to climb on top of my lure 10 feet from the boat. Another bruiser and another 5 minute battle.Love catching those oversize Reds on topwater!!
By now it was after 9 AM and starting to rain, so I put my raincoat on and headed home. What a great morning!!!....and some needed rain.:grin:grin


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