"Guana Bite" swordfish report 8/18-8/19

Had a great time Saturday night/Sunday morning on the "Guana Bite". Thanks to Captain Kevin and first mate Darryl for having me and Brian along to try our luck at the Swordfish grounds. We dropped baits in the water way south and setup drift for a long, long, sleepless night. Around midnight we had a good bite on the short/deep rod but couldn't manage to hook that fish up. We dozed and listened to satellite radio until sunrise when the short/deep drag sounds again. Darryl fed him some line and tried to come tight but no fish. About a minute later another sharp bite on the middle length/depth rod and I was standing right next to it. I slid the drag into free spool and let him play with the bait for awhile until he started steadily running with the bait so I locked her down and cranked like mad. Came tight to something that resembled the fight of a 2 gallon bucket. I reeled and reeled for 5 minutes and the fish never took an inch of drag. Finally, we can see the light coming up and the rod quits gaining line. The fish jumps and everyone yells "its a swordy"! I guess he woke up (and so did we at that point) because the fun ensued. He took a couple hundred feet of drag, came to the surface and jumped and sounded a couple more times before coming boatside where he was clearly a legal fish. We were unsure of the weight because we were too tired to stop at Comanche to weigh him but we guess around 80 pounds, 56" from bottom jaw to fork.

What a great trip and a blast of a crew. Kevin really has that 32' Regulator dialed in and setup right which makes for a much more pleasant trip. Twin 350 Yamy's, tricked out electronics, tons of storage space, top notch gear...great times.

Get out and catch one guys! They're biting as we heard Ms. J announce on the radio they got a nice one too.
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  • Four ReelFour Reel Posts: 70 Deckhand
    Congrats to the crew of Guana Bite, and Capt Kevin!!
  • GaffitGaffit Posts: 580 Officer
    Good work guys, glad your able to get one! :beer
  • knot tightknot tight Posts: 237 Deckhand
    Nice job guys.
  • ledslinger29ledslinger29 Posts: 837 Officer
    Thanks for the report Beau! Thats a pretty fish!
  • CEE-STUDCEE-STUD Posts: 108 Officer
    Great job guys!!
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  • yelowfinnyelowfinn Posts: 97 Deckhand
    Nice Fish!!
  • 15whaler15whaler Posts: 183 Officer
    Well done Beau!
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  • Big Bend BrianBig Bend Brian Posts: 1,401 Officer
    Nice sword! That's a phenomenally tasty fish! Glad everything worked out for a great trip. In talking with Kevin it sounds like the weather was pretty comfortable. My wife & I saw you guys coming through Vilano about 9:20 a.m. just behind Ms J (we were on a pair of jetskis going for breakfast). Figured you guys were swording. Glad it worked out. Thanks for the report & photos!
  • KINIBKINIB Posts: 350 Officer
    Congrats Beau, way to get tight sucka!!!
  • DaddyMenaceDaddyMenace Posts: 144 Officer
    Nice work guys! Congrats.
  • Offshore9393Offshore9393 Posts: 469 Officer
    nice fish what time did you get the bite?
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    Loved the 2 gallon bucket analogy.... I have called it "cranking up a Volkswagen..." Almost dead weight for the first part... Lots of prep, knowledge and time commitment (not to mention the night fishing element, 20nm offshore! LOL) to catch a sword… Congrats on the great catch…
  • Guana BiteGuana Bite Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    We initially set up in 1300'. The seas and wind were pushing us a little to the east so we moved inshore to 1200'. We caught the fish in 1250 ft.
  • GaffitGaffit Posts: 580 Officer
    I thought it was amazing how we left the grounds, checked in with you, and you didn't have your fish yet. Then, there you are behind us coming in the inlet with a sword. Your boat must haul ***. Again, it was nice hearing good company out there. Tight lines.
  • FinReaperFinReaper Posts: 198 Officer
    Nice fish guys!
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