Ending The Summer With A Slam! 8/14/12

Went out this morning to try and get on some of the tarpon we hooked yesterday and they were a little more picky. Jumped off 3 of them all together. Then my buddy(Jason) calls me and asks if I want to go wade with him, so with it being the last day of my summer break, I couldn't say no. On the water about 5:00pm and I'm using a MirrOdine and he's using a DOA Shrimp. It doesn't take long before were in some small trout, then he hooks up and here comes a nice, big 24 inch trout. Snap a few pics and released. After that we catch some more trout and they were hitting the shrimp a lot better than the MirrOdine, but I stuck with it anyway. He caught another 10 trout and missed twice as many, while the only fish I could trick into eating was a catfish. :huh We keep working down and finally I hook into a nice trout that went airborne quickly, it was upper slot, but nothing special. Jason walks further out and I choose to fish a dock. Toss under the dock and I'm slammed by a nice 28 inch snook! Put up a nice fight. I work down a little further and I have something take the MirrOdine and it pulls some drag and then I see that bright blue tail. It's the slot redfish to complete my slam! Pretty good trip overall, lots of action. All fish were caught on MirrOdine's(bright green back) and DOA Shrimp(Watermelon/Holographic and Copper Crush).


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