Bananas and First Sailfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dania 8/12/12
I ate a banana today which everyone was saying was bad luck for fishing. Even though my luck was doomed, I still decided to go out this morning out of Dania with Redneck Rocket and NewYorker. A couple of new guys also tagged along for their first offshore trip. Grabbed some bait from the beach and headed out. The water was flat and the fish were biting like crazy!! Everyone was losing Jigs that were getting cut off. I was catching Bonito after Bonito and eventually got cut off past the wire. I rigged it back up and threw out a live Pilchard. Shortly after, my line is screaming and a huge sailfish is jumping all around us. I started cranking him in and after about a 10 minute fight, I was able to land him.

Turns out Bananas aren't bad luck after all... Here is a video and some still shots...


If you don't lose, you will eventually win.
- Helio Gracie

YouTube - SoFlo Kayak Fishing
Valente Brother's Jiu-Jitsu Fort Lauderdale



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