Homosassa 8/8 More Spoon Fed Reds

Don and I planned a short trip this morning to chase some reds. It went like this.....
7:00 shove off
7:20 the 1st spoon hit the water
8:15 Landed my second red
8:16 the bite shut down
9:00 back at the dock,
Both reds were in the mid slot and returned to fight another day. A first for me was seeing two reds casting at both and actually catching both. I usually blid cast to areas that I know hold fish but this time was a bit different tossing spoons past and infront of fish I spotted. It certainly is a ton of fun to see a the fish smash a spoon (or any other bait).
A short but sweet trip with my neighbor and friend Don.

This place Rocks if yer a crabber


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