8-4-12 Wahoo Triplets PB

My buddy has been trying for a few years to catch the elusive palm beach wahoo! He has been with me in the Bahamas and caught a few but they have eluded him on his boat. I went a couple of times and we scatched out one or two bites but never got one in the boat. Well this changed this weekend!!! We figured it would be crowded on the water so we had lines in at 530 am and put out some mullets. No luck for the first hour and then the 80 started screaming and took almost 200 yards on 30 pounds of drag! Well after about a minute it pulled the hook and I figured that was our bite for the day... He is cursed:banghead the boat is cursed:banghead why can we not catch a striped speedster on this rig??? Well shortly after we got another bite and first wahoo in the boat:willynilly!!!! Lines back in and less then 20 minutes later the 80 goes off again and another blue striped beauty in the boat! Not be satisfied and a killer bite going on lines back in and after breaking out some cold beers and cheers fish number 3 hits and in the boat. There were no monsters but al the fish were 25-35 pounds and we got the curse, jinks, and skunk off the boat all in one morning!


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