Richloam 2012-2013

halligan017halligan017 Posts: 100 Officer
So I have had to change my hunting plans this year b/c my wife is pregnant and I have to stay closer to home.

I am looking to do the majority of my hunting in central fl especially in the Richloam WMA and am looking for any advice you all might have. I will be hunting muzzleloader and rifle seasons no archery. I will be hunting deer, hog, fall and spring turkey, and duck so any info about location, dates, strategy, etc is appreciated.



  • Humble hunterHumble hunter Posts: 446 Officer
    Richloam is a place where it is not necessary to hunt the first part of the season. It really heats up from mid Dec. till the close. The best bucks tend to be killed in this time frame.
  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 1,103 Officer
    Read the Richloam regs carefully to see if there is a muzzleloading. I don't believe they've had one in years past. I believe they have archery (bucks only) and general gun. It does get very busy with the dog hunting group - so don't get POd if they crowd your stand area. As mentioned it does get better late in the season. Good luck!
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  • james 14james 14 Posts: 2,821 Moderator
    There is no ML season but the bow season runs right up to the weekend before gun season. I used to hunt Richloam a bit as a kid and really wish I could spend some more time out there. It's one of the first places I had the chance to scout on my own away from Dad and develop my own method of finding deer.
    You'll probably be more successful hunting Greenswamp during archery since you can hunt does out there. With the later bow season you'll get to hunt them when they're on a more predictable pattern of feeding on acorns. When gun season starts you may be better off at Richloam if you can find a good spot where the dog hunters won't go or where the deer will go when the dogs start running.

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