Miamimuttonman report on my boat 8/1/12

Today, I went out in my boat with my son and an old friend and his son, that came from Puerto Rico, he is stationed there in the US Coast Guard. they wanted to get the big tails and some muttons, so I took them to the area where I can get them just that, we got to the spot and the current was ripping to the north as expected, the commercial boat was fishing inside his original spot so, I went to the south up current from him on the deeper end pretty far ahead, where I marked good fish in 65 feet. Here I started my chumming and pulled out a couple frozen ballyhoo and cut them up for yellowtail bait, I didn’t have any good bait yet, so I started catching ballyhoo and sending them down. for the muttons and also for yellowtail bait. We all started catching nice fish , first my friend Billy catches a nice mutton, then I put out a few times for the tails and got 3 flags back to back, and then my son on the other side gets a flag yellowtail on the bottom rig, then, the commercial boat left and we see the tails starting to ball up behind my boat and Dilan started to catch more tails back to back and my son Kevin brings up another and after another on the bottom ballyhoo plug, then Billy comes up with a nice dog snapper and then an under size black, that we released. Then as I was catching ballyhoo and keeping the bait distribution going, I rigged a wire with a treble hook and got Billy on 3 back to back macks, and we kept rotating to fish the bottom and the tails and ended up with 25 tails 1 mangrove,3 muttons 1 dog snapper, got our limit and 3 macks and 3 bonitos and one barracuda that I gave to my cousin. My friend did the filleting and we had a good amount of fish , I got home and cooked some fresh fried fish. Here are the pics for more google miamimuttonman.comIMG_2356.jpgIMG_6681.jpgwb006.jpgPhoto1348.jpgPhoto1350.jpgPhoto1349.jpgPhoto1351.jpg


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