Swordfish!!!! Lit UP

When I got a call on thursday that my friends gaterzone19 and flatsfisher were coming down from FSU the first thing that came to my mind was swordfishing and that is exactly what we did. I loaded our pen with runners the day before and we were ready to go. We decided to get out early and make a few daytime drops. not even one bite came from it so we ran back south and set the spread out just before dark. Our fist bite came at around 9:45 on the flat line just outside the light flatsfisher fought him god and we brought a 52 incher to the gaff. We reset and at 10:15 we got our second bite on a runner on the 250 jug but the fish was tailhooked so we thought it was alot bigger but when we got it in the boat it was just legal so we decided to release it for some good karma. By the time we ran back, filleted the fish, cleaned the boat, and went to taco bell we didn't get home till 3:30. It was a late night but well worth it. Oh yeah and the two fish that were caught were both the first sword each angler.


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