Jax Beach Pier, Fourth of July 2012

Woke up way late not according to plan and oddly enough still found plenty of free parking near the pier at 1100. Water was respectable, winds were light SW and then shifting sustained E. Baits were spots, moonpies, mullet, and menhaden in large schools mostly headed N. Overall action was steady for myself and some of the people I was fishing with. Bluefish and ladyfish were ever-present, runs of trout and pompano were off-and-on, some Spanish were now-and-then (I only managed one), saw a black drum and a flouder get decked as well. Also saw tarpon and barracuda cruising a few times. As far as I know the action on the T consisted of shark and Spanish but was definitely slow. Things seemed to have slowed down when the tide bottmed-out so I left at 1600 for some partying on the beach.

Happy Fourth of July!


  • benchmarkbenchmark Posts: 204 Officer
    Great job, looks really nice out there, any kings yet??
  • kayaklingkayakling Posts: 106 Officer
    benchmark wrote: »
    Great job, looks really nice out there, any kings yet??
    Not that I am aware of, I would not really be the one to ask though.
  • Fishin BennieFishin Bennie Posts: 130 Officer
    Nice pictures man. Great color. Nice fishies too.
  • Airborne15Airborne15 Posts: 256 Officer
    First King was caught on July 4th, 26.7lb.
    Florida Pier Anglers Association (FPAA)
  • ScullerSculler Posts: 115 Officer
    pier fishing is fun
  • Steve WSteve W Posts: 613 Officer
    Airborne15 wrote: »
    First King was caught on July 4th, 26.7lb.


    I remember kings caught on the pier in May, but that was back in the 70s and 80s.

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