On the Yellowfins, 6/29/12!

Made a run to the east in some pretty sporty weather to say the least. Came to a flock of birds just out of the gulf stream approx. 45 miles to the East and started our chunking. Unfortunately, we only had a couple dozen gogs with us and 3 flats of sardines, no live chumming on this venture. Went through the flock with a couple 30 tiagras to try and pick up some skippies and mark the yellowfins. Successfully we marked them and caught some extra chunking bait "Skipjacks" before we made a drift. After a good 20 minutes or so the birds were about 1/2 mile away and we were starting to mark fish about 160ft down. We dropped a gog down and immediately got crushed... Swing and a miss... chunks start flowing at a rapid pace and the fish were feeding right under the boat. We end up hooking a quad. First fish in the boat was right at 60Lbs after a 30minute battle. Second fish is a little beefier and took a good 45min. Third fish ended up getting sharked after 1 hour battle and the 4th fish??? Well, in the heat of the moment rods were all around the boat and I happened to grab the Penn 8500 loaded with 20lb. and a 40lb Flouro leader....:nono:banghead Anyways, 1-1/2 hours go by and the birds pop up and the screen is loaded. Go through the drill again and hook up to a triple while we are still fighting the previous 4th fish of the quad. After 20 minutes one pulls off and another gets sharked. We are able to get the third fish in from the triple after 25 min or so and weighted approx. 45LBS. 2-1/2 hours into this fight and numerous times 50 ft. from the boat straight back down to 50 wraps on the reel we finally subdue the fish only to get sharked the last minute. We ended up bringing the 45LB head in the boat while she's still breathing so the sharking had just happened:banghead
I make the call to run home as there's some NASTY weather brewing to the west. Beautiful weekend in store for us and I'd love to run back over but my baby boy is due this week. So a local not so far offshore weekend for me.....:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup


  • Key LimeKey Lime Posts: 360 Officer
    Awesome catch! :fishing
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 1,954 Captain
    That is one helluva yft report for these parts, awesome! I am guessing you were at or nearby the corner? Way to get on the fish and persevere through some serious battles! I also picked up one of your shirts this past year at the Jupiter Seafood Festival. Thanks for sharing and love the pics!
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
  • GT FishGT Fish Posts: 9,448 Officer
    Nice pink rod DAVE! LOL

    Nice work boys!
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,040 Captain
    This is what I have bin looking for more info please.

    baf44a4e-6651-4a38-8a03-7b1c3b6bd22b_zpse5ca0565.jpg L.G. LIFE IS GOOD ON THE "LET'S GO!"
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,347 Admiral
    GREAT shots Matt, looks like an awesome quickie. Good luck with that growing family, 4??
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Nice catch! Congrats on the little one.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • joeyt1631joeyt1631 Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Amazing report. Great pictures , thanks for sharing this.
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,374 Captain
    Great report Matt. Glad to hear they're still snapping in that area.

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  • Venture Ho!Venture Ho! Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    Awesome job. Thats one big head.
  • o-sea-do-sea-d Posts: 148 Officer
    Doug, 4 yes:huh I think I finally figured out how it happens......

    Love Pinky:wink

    Let's Go: Found the first pack of birds and got very lucky the Yellowfins were on them.... Chunking sardines is all we did with a few live gogs in the mix. We did catch the mahi's chunking as well in the same spot. Also, lost a nice bull at the boat.
  • GRSCGRSC Posts: 926 Officer
    Sweet trip!
  • brianbbrianb Posts: 2,250 Captain
    Good stuff, I caught like a 8lb BFT the other day and was stoked. You win.
  • fishingbuddiesfishingbuddies Posts: 636 Officer
    Awsome way to go
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  • fin-sanityfin-sanity Posts: 85 Deckhand
    Great job Matt! Good luck with the little one on the way.
  • rgambotzrgambotz Posts: 223 Deckhand
    Sweet Catch!
  • Go Catch'nGo Catch'n Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Good job guys and congrats on the new addition to your family! One day I'll get to head out with someone for that same kind of trip. Take care...
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  • SFCarlSFCarl Posts: 300 Officer
    Ayyyy nice fish. Did you run there and back today?! Pretty quick trip. What island in the Bahamas were you off? i may be going this weekend.? Thanks
  • snooknreds2snooknreds2 Posts: 514 Officer
    Matt, way to get out there and crush them!
    A lazy fisherman is a boater!!
  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Officer
  • FS BlairFS Blair Posts: 1,696 Admin
    Great fishing, thanks for sharing the report and information.

    I just got back from Costa Rica yesterday, nice YFT action, but none better than what you found. Nice.
  • Go MongoGo Mongo Posts: 2,107 Captain
    Great report. Solid catching. And congrats on the new addition.
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  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    Congrats on the yellowfin, nice to hear reports from the otherside.
  • RockNReelerRockNReeler Posts: 1,067 Officer
    Now that's some Real Fishing...have to make a trip over there some time. Four Corners?
  • VenturesomeVenturesome Posts: 1,743 Officer
    outstanding catch. congrats....
  • Flyers UpFlyers Up Posts: 655 Officer
    Awesome YF,s cant wait to get out there..
  • robalorogrobalorog Posts: 495 Officer
    awesome fishing there. is your kill box big enough for those suckers?
  • DrJDrJ Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Fantastic Job !!
  • CaptKeemauCaptKeemau Posts: 229 Deckhand
    If your trip was on Thursday, "pretty sporty weather" is an understatement! Out of Boynton it was 6-8ft swells in only 300ft. I got out to 450 swells were 8-10 although spaced apart well enough.
    Well done on a safe and productive trip.
  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,257 Officer
    Pretty freakin sick. Nice work Matt, Dave & crew!
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