Sailfish at Pompano 6/28

Started the morning early and launched with Chris (frankthetank) around 6 am from Pompano Beach. We were greeted by decent size waves breaking right on the beach. So we timed our launch and got a little wet as we passed through them, luckily without rolling.

On our way out Chris was trolling some type of small plug and hooked up to a little grunt about 4 inches long in 30 ft. He didn't have a pole setup to troll it, so he handed it to me and I tossed it out. The setup I had rigged was a pink skirt covering the main hook with a stinger attached to it. We continued out while Chris was giving me a hard time about not catching anything the last few trips, then zzzzzing! In 100 ft I hooked into my first sail! Of course the pole he hit had some old 15lb mono on it and I was sure it was going to snap. I stayed patient and kept my drag turned down. The sail had its mind made up that he was headed for Bimini and took us to deeper water. After a 30 minute fight and several jumps and dives I landed him in 400 feet, almost a mile from where I hooked up.

After the release we worked hard against the 3+ knot north current and big over head high swell to get back south. Made a few drops and snagged a few big bonito before wearing out from the current. We headed in and were greeted with the biggest surf I have ever been in. 8 ft waves were breaking 1/3-1/2 mile from shore by the mooring buoys which never happens at Pompano unless there is a storm. So we had to zigzag to avoid those. As we neared the beach surfers where everywhere surfing head high waves. The waves were huge now that it was low tide. I looked for an eddy and waited for a chance to come in. I got in far enough to jump out and was planning on walking my kayak in until a head high wave broke right behind me. I couldn't hold on to the the yak, but some how it didn't roll and was pushed up onto the beach. I swam in and was happy to be back on shore! Chris didn't get so lucky :(

Thanks Chris for the lucky bait and help getting the sail in the yak for a quick photo!







  • ReelFunkedUpReelFunkedUp Posts: 30 Deckhand
    Those are great shots. Seas gave you quite the workout, huh? Were you jigging for the bonito or what? Beautiful sail. Can't wait to hook one myself.
  • LivinthedreamLivinthedream Posts: 207 Officer
    Ya the seas were not bad early in the morning, but increased as the day went on. The current is really what kicked our butt. We were vertical jigging when we caught the bonito's.
  • bugdocbugdoc Posts: 421 Officer
    Congrats on the sail on just 15 lb test. For future unexpected surf events, consider paddling in backwards. You brace as each wave crashes over your bow, then paddle back some more until you get in far enough to jump out. I usually end up just surfing up to the beach, been lucky so far. Either way, your reels usually get soaked though.

    Southeast Florida kayak launch sites at
  • mackerelmaniacmackerelmaniac Posts: 119 Officer
    Nice sail. congratulations. Good luck tomorrow.
  • firesq5firesq5 Posts: 87 Deckhand
    Nice sail!!!!! I was starting to feel bad about not making it out with you guys until I heard about the perfect storm. We are going to have to find some inshore fishing spots for days like this.
  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,618 Captain
    Great report and nice sail.:Rockon
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    Way to go brother. Congrats on your sail! Those were some killer breakers yesterday...we had our fun with em too!
  • newyorkernewyorker Posts: 125 Officer
    That must of been a fun ride getting towed around by that sail... Nice catch guy.
  • kayakanglerkayakangler Posts: 207 Officer
    Ya the seas were not bad early in the morning, but increased as the day went on. The current is really what kicked our butt. We were vertical jigging when we caught the bonito's.

    Salty sack and i went out around 5pm, the surf was insane. we had a little crowd of people just waiting for us to flip. somehow we made it in one piece. nice catch
  • FLATS BROKEFLATS BROKE Posts: 2,060 Captain
    Yeahhh Kellan, Congrats on your 1st.
  • LivinthedreamLivinthedream Posts: 207 Officer
    Thanks for the replies everyone! Thanks bugdoc for the advise, that makes sense. I have been pretty lucky so far too. Ya Hugo we do need to check out some inshore spots soon! Enjoy your trip! I still have a long way to catch up to your what 4 sails Joel? You kill the sails! I glad you and Joe made it out and in ok without dumping all your gear. The surf was CRAZY big! The surfers kinda laughed as we headed in knowing what was in store for us on the yak. Thanks Doug for the reply, yours was a beauty! I need to get a gopro like you so I can get some better pics.
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    nice sail, congrats..........
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    Wicked day. Friday discouraged me quite a bit after loosing what was probably a monster tuna. Oh well maybe next time. My hands still hurt from barehanding that sails bill. Now its my turn for a sail
  • LivinthedreamLivinthedream Posts: 207 Officer
    Pottymouth wrote: »
    nice sail, congrats..........

    Thanks potty! Awesome tuna today! See ya in the morn.

    Thanks for your help Chris!

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