Estero Bay 6/18-6/23

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We got in last Saturday to breezy, rainy conditions that didn't seem to let up the whole week. Crazy things happened on Saturday and Sunday, so let's fast-forward to Monday, and our first fishing day. I guess you could say that it was a learning day, as all I could find was mud bottom and no current... sweeeet :(.. I did end up accidentally catching a short sheepshead in the cast net, so I won't count it as a skunk. Anyway, on to Tuesday, and where the fun begins. My uncle Roger and his family were in town, so I was determined to put him on some nice fish, so after an hour or so we moved in search of oysters, current, clean water, and grass.... We found it!! I was working a shoreline with a gulp shrimp when i hear a big splash and drag screaming, so I paddled over to see what mess my uncle got into, but much to my surprise, i see a decent sized snook pulling him around! After a decent fight and some pics, i helped my uncle release his first snook, pushing 33 inches.

Oddly enough, that snook was caught on a fresh water roostertail lure that my uncle kept talking about. After our bad day on Monday, he wanted to try his Tennessee fishing tactics so we headed over to Sports Authority where he found a few of his favorite lures..


I decided to take the day off on Wednesday, so that takes us to Thursday: As usual for this week, overcast and windy was the condition of choice.. We wasted no time and paddled directly to the spot I found on Tuesday, and staked out for a day of pulling in trout. Unfortunately for us, only one keeper was caught that day, allowing for one trout sandwich :(. We did have fun pulling a decent amount of fish to the boat, but I was disappointed that the bigger ones weren't biting. I had some great luck throwing the new mirrodine with the flashy sides, and my uncle continued to use his trusty rooster tail.

One of two lizardfish I caught this week. Has anyone noticed that same discoloration on their fishfinders? That just randomly happened to me on Monday, it looks pretty funny, and it doesn't bother me, i'm just curious..

a star fish came along for a visit..


My last day fishing the bay was Friday, and I took my dad along for the ride. I usually have reservations about taking him since he is self-proclaimed bad luck to fisherman, but hey, it was a few days after father's day so what the hell! Again we were met with blustery conditions, even though the sun decided to make an appearance for a few minutes. within 15 minutes of staking out on our spot, my dad had three keepers in the fishbag on a DOA CAL jerkbait in the mullet pattern, connected to a slayer weighted hook (these are the best jerkbait hooks i've ever used, so go support a small florida company and buy some!). After switching from my mirrodine, I boated several more trout on various colors of the CAL, including pearl/fire tail, and watermelon. I did lose a monster at the boat, but I doubt anyone will believe that ;).

Dad with a keeper trout

Dad with another

Me on the paddle back

My buddy looking for some handouts. He stayed abound the house the whole week, check out his ZZ Top beard!


No reds were caught, but it was a fun week nonetheless.

P.S. on a completely unrelated note, thanks uncle Mike for 30 years of service in the Marine Corps, what you've done makes you truly an American hero. Please everyone take a moment to thank members of our military if you happen to see them, the sacrifices they make to our freedom is never recognized enough.
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