Long Key Bay fishing

I headed down to Long key for the annual grownups vacation. We fished in the bay all week. The weather was good, but a bit windy. There were lots of weed lines everywhere, which would have been good had we been off shore and not in 4’ of water. This made the top water bite too difficult and made running out there tricky with the engine weeding up on both boats.

We spent a few days in the West Sprigger Bank, Tripod Bank area and found the mangrove Snapper bite to be hit or miss. We even managed a few trout. But when the bite was on, we limited out of mangrove Snapper from the 11”-16” range (I have a “one inch over” rule on my boat. Not taking chances!). Gulp baits were the preferred baits (shrimp and jerk shad).

The last 2 days we moved onto the Schooner, Oxfoot bank area and the Trout bite was off the chain. The Trout were even in the deeper water at like the 5-6ft mark. DOA shrimp on a popping cork did the trick there! The Trout also liked the Gulp Shrimp and Jerk Shads here too and so did the Snappers.

Overall a great trip, we caught a bunch of fish and served a lot of fried fish to the folks in our group!

Only one pic for now, as my phone took a dip in a puddle yesterday with the rest of my pics.
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  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Officer
    Outstanding! :beer

    Sounds like a great trip!


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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,170 Moderator
    Good trip considering the wind.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,745 Captain
    Well done. Nice to see some spotted trout as the only rout I'm seeing now are rainbows & browns in Colorado. Bummer about the phone.
    Ron Conner Release the fish, keep the memories. Once a Knight is enough.
  • mtd885mtd885 Posts: 1,159 Officer
    Nice Job! I can relate to the phone. Last week my third one died due to water damage. I'm getting a waterproof case for my new one as soon as it arrives. If you phone has a sim card that holds the pics you may be able to save them. Sparse knows our friend Professor Thomas has a system for fixing water damage phones, soaking them in Alcohol or something like that.
  • swamphunterswamphunter Posts: 179 Officer
    how far is the run ima be staying right on mile marker 66 this weekend and would like to no how far it is from the house???
  • TipboneTipbone Posts: 190 Officer
    The Good News is after resting comfortably in a tupperware of dry rice and a bag of damprid for a week, my Iphone was saved and is back to life. So here are a few more pictures, still wating to get some back from others who took some as well. @swamphunter, the run was about 15 min to Tripod bank, and about 25-30 to Schooner, depending on the wind. I have made it in far less time on flat calm days. we were staying at Limetree Bay Resort at the same mile marker.

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