Cobia Tourney - winning fish more pics 6-3-12

Hi guys,

I posted some other pictures and report from the tourney in the General Fishing Section but I wanted to post a few more here taken during while fighting and boating the fish.
It seems some folks (mainly the guy we knocked out of first place) accused us of cheating by:

1) Having caught the fish early that week and keeping her on ice.
2) having caught the fish earlier and caging it up till tourny day
3) Having shot the fish with (your choice) a pistol, rifle or speargun
4) This is the best - having put Visine in the fish's eyes to make them clear so it wouldn't look like it had been dead before the tournament.

So to dispell any further nonsense...

Just figured out it is a cobia!

The brown bomber shows herself.

Right before her last run!

She sounds for the last time.

Dave working the gaff

This is the gaff hole in the head that looked like a gunshot wound to some...

Doing a dance with lovely lady!

Bunch of happy guys

Also I want to give credit to Bob Warren from Indiana for the pictures taken on the boat. Bob was our 5th crew member and did all photography and didn't make it into the photos himself.

Thanks to every one for the congratulations and well wishes I hope this can be one of you guys in next years tournament!


  • BillyBilly HomosassaPosts: 2,610 Captain
    It always amazes me that there a few that can't accept defeat.

    You done good Butch, and those who know you, wouldn't have even considered making any accusations. Congrats on a fine fish.

    "And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."
  • danbubadanbuba Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Congrats and a great looking fish. Some people just have nothing to better to do than complain. Did the 3rd place guy accuse him of cheating as well!!!! Great Fish!!!
  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 1,777 Captain
    Great action pics Butch!! I hope #2 gets a look at these photos, they will make him feel like a pile of #2. Great job. It's really funny, I was asking you at the Captian's meeting about posting on the forum, and your comment was you haven't caught anything noteworthy. Man, did you go and get yourself one note worthy catch!!
  • ripnlipsripnlips Posts: 2,535 Captain
    Great pics Butch. That brownie is a beast.
  • angler18angler18 Posts: 2,035 Officer
    Great pics Butch, that should shut all the people with questions right up!
  • Snook SpankerSnook Spanker Inglis / YankeetownPosts: 1,694 Captain
    Holy Shatz and Congrads on that Brown Monster and winning all the marbles Butch! Sorry about the jack-off in 2nd, what kind of bafoon just accuses someone w/ no proof right outa the blue like that? Man I'd a been way pissed if that happened to me and probably woulda got disquallified for poping the loser in his eye!
    Anyway, Yer makin all of us look good w/ yer win!! Ya know> those gize & galz from FSBBF {us!} are all fishin machines! Thanks and enjoy the win w/ your crew, Y'all deserve it!!!
    I am'z what I am'z and that'z all that I am'z!! > Popeye!
  • inshore77inshore77 Posts: 54 Deckhand
    Congrats on the great catch!
  • keypondkeypond Posts: 2,017 Officer
    Great job Butch! That's a monster fish and great pics. By the way, that is one awesome gaff shot. I'm thinking that must have calmed him down pretty quick.

    Reel Time w/Florida Sportsman Guest Host
    Sight Fishing AJ's, Say What
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,943 Officer
    Nice going Butchy :thumbsup:thumbsup
  • troutman57troutman57 Posts: 3,691 Officer
    You guys rock Butch!
    This place Rocks if yer a crabber
  • Tater2662Tater2662 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    That is a awesome fish. Congrats on the win:cool:cool
  • ReelhootReelhoot Posts: 251 Officer
    WTG-AWWESSSOOOMMME FISHEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FOR RENT: Beautiful 2 bed 2 bath condo in Hunter Springs, Crystal River
  • fitnastfitnast Posts: 142 Officer
  • sharkatak1089sharkatak1089 Posts: 6,407 Officer
    Jim311 wrote: »
    Don't twist my words, I'm not accusing him of anything. I'm just wondering how photos prove a date/time a fish was caught.

    you are an idiot if you think for one second we aren't going to assume your accusing him of anything...
    I am choice.
    Please don't try to interject with reason, it only further confuses the matter.
  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 1,777 Captain
    The fish went thru a lot of scrutiny and was pronounced legal and fresh. So, the pictures are just another way of putting the story together of how a legal fish was caught. I think Butch has had enough of "Devil's Advocates" to last a life time, so yes, go away!
  • THINKICANTHINKICAN Homosassa, FLPosts: 390 Deckhand
    Like Ruff One said!
  • keypondkeypond Posts: 2,017 Officer
    Butch...that's the price of being on top. Everyone else comes gunning for you. Just flash the big check and smile. :)

    Reel Time w/Florida Sportsman Guest Host
    Sight Fishing AJ's, Say What
  • TwinfinsTwinfins Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Butch... Congrats! What a beautiful fish. We weighed in right before you guys and our 3.36 lb trout was nothing when we saw you guys pull out the lady. I heard alot of the talk and am so glad you posted the pics and that the tourney took the protest seriously and went through the steps to immediately PROVE that nothing could be questioned about your AWESOME win!
  • TiderunnerTiderunner Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Congrats Butch..... to hell with what others are saying. Enjoy the win. And feel honored that Twinfins posted on your win, She is one of the old, oldtimers on here. LOL
    Bluewater 2550, 300 Suzuki
  • ctfoucherctfoucher Posts: 92 Deckhand
    Butch, first off congrats on a beautiful cobia. I have known Butch for years now and he is the most stand up guy I have ever met. He is a man of his word and has helped me quite a bit in business ventures! It amazes me that people are such sore losers and can not take the fact that they got beat. It sounds like the tournament did its due justice and went through every procedure to make sure things were on the up and up. From the looks of it most of you know Butch also and you all know exactly where I am coming from! Again CONGRATS!!!!! Could not have asked for a better guy to win the tourney.
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,791 Captain
    inshore77 wrote: »
    If you checked the weather on Friday (which is the day you suggested he caught the fish) it was raining and cloudy all day. These pictures sure look like they were taken on a sunny day (which it was on Saturday). Also the winds were blowing pretty good and the seas in the pictures sure look as they did on Saturday. (I'm still feeling the effects of that ride out!)

    Thanks for the legitimate response, instead of a bunch of flaming or chest thumping. That makes sense. I was not making accusations, merely asking how a photo would put to rest some of the naysayers' doubts!
  • HighPlainsDrifterHighPlainsDrifter Posts: 270 Officer

    "I live in a free country. I've got all the licenses, registrations, and permits to prove it!" :huh
  • troutman57troutman57 Posts: 3,691 Officer
    Sorry I let that stuff slip by folks. Butch you guys deserve congratulations and the "Devils Advocate" stuff go stay right where it belongs. I sent Jim a PM addressing this type of post. Hopefully he will share my point of view and keep things positive.
    This place Rocks if yer a crabber
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,791 Captain

    Was not looking to ruffle any feathers, trolling is not my style.. on the internet anyway.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,092 Moderator
    I won one a long time back and was also accused of shooting the fish. My partner had hit it with a hammer a bit too hard and sunk a hole in it's head :)
    But I'm still laughing about the Visine , I'll need to pass that trick on to my commercial buddies... :grin That's funny.

    It was a great fish.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • JC_UF_ITKJC_UF_ITK Posts: 458 Deckhand
    Tiderunner wrote: »
    Congrats Butch..... to hell with what others are saying. Enjoy the win. And feel honored that Twinfins posted on your win, She is one of the old, oldtimers on here. LOL

    Joe, I thought you were an old, old timer?

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