"Team Bandit" Francis Langford Memorial Tournament SKA Div.8 (pics and video)

With our success last tournament hopes were high to have a good showing for the first SKA Div. 8 battle. Team was the same except I had my cousin Dale down from Georgia for the weekend and he volunteered to be the picture and video guy. Weather was forcasted to be flat calm with the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We loaded the wells with bait just inside the inlet and waited patiently for the Bimini start at 7 am.
Countdown............and the Suzuki powered Invincible is flyin!!!
We get south to the Jupiter area and set up our normal spread, minus the kite, as the wind was non-existent in the morning.
The bite was slow, as we only managed some bonito and a few small kings. We got an inside tip that the bite was on farther South, with fish in the 20-40lb class, so Capt. Ron made the decision to run and reset. It didnt take long for us to boat some fish in the 20lb class and then it happened!! A smaller dive boat decided to park 20 feet off our bow while we were slow trolling. Shouted nicely at him to continue under way and he was clearly not an experienced boat handler. They responded with lots of cursing and went as far as unzipping his wet suit and "pulling" on his sorry excuse for manhood!! Thank god we didn't have the kids aboard today!! We then witnessed them weaving in and out of boats "looking for other divers" that had no flags! Just so happens that PBSO Marine unit stopped him. HAHAHA. While all this was going on Mike hooked up on a nice fish and we were chasing it down fishing off the bow when the vilian decided to try and ram us shouting more profanities that lasted a few minutes! If he was smart he should have ran our line over and cut off our biggest king of the day!
Well after all that mess was over we had a decent fish in the box and the weather moved in. The next few hours were spent in the pouring rain. We managed 4 or 5 good hook ups and long battles only to be plagued by tail whips and fish eating above the wire. Definitely lost some monsters!! Fishing time was up and we had to make the run to the scales in a now 2-4 ft slop, but no worries because this boat eats that stuff for dinner. We intercepted a few other bad *** boats just offshore and had a thrilling drag race thru the river with the music pumping loud!!
Weighed the fish and waited for the results........not too bad. Took third place king at 36.45 lbs just behind Spiced Rum III's 36.81 and Pennyless posted a 45lb king for first. It has been tough last few tournaments getting knocked back by tenths of a pound, but diligence will pay off in the end!!
Getting paid!
Stay tuned for results from our Fourchon, Louisiana trip and tournament The Cajun Classic!


  • sam50sam50 Posts: 499 Officer
    Here is the video from the Bimini start
  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,257 Officer
    sam50 wrote: »
    Here is the video from the Bimini start

    WTG Team Bandit
    I had a run in with a hooded diver in small CC in the same area about a year ago.
    Guy was NUTZ, diving alone and ready to come fight 4 full size dudes with gaffs and clubs in hand:troll
    USCG Freelance Licensed Captain
    20 years experience Offshore & Bahamas ( Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish & Bottom Fish.)
    (I teach people how to be more effective AND catch MORE and BIGGER fish on their own boats!)
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,064 Captain
    Great showing Team Bandit!!!!!
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,779 Moderator
    Nice job!!

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • islandboy41islandboy41 Posts: 56 Deckhand
    Don't let my mom see that video... i aint wearing any shoes...
  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    WTG bandits!
  • FLDXTFLDXT Posts: 2,472 Captain
    Awesome video! Love those SKA starts! Should have took some video of crazy diver guy!
  • sam50sam50 Posts: 499 Officer
    Video of mike fighting the fish is loaded with cursing. Concentrated on the task at hand. If you look close you can see his bow in video. Reason for music.

    E$ this guy had long hair and piercings in his face. He looked like a troll.
  • Lotta BullLotta Bull Posts: 146 Officer
    sam50, that was a cool vid of the Bimini start. Capt. of our boat held up behind. It would have been fun to be in with the pack.
  • venator66venator66 Posts: 55 Deckhand
    sam50 wrote: »
    Video of mike fighting the fish is loaded with cursing.
    Mike? Curse? I can't believe it. Congratulations guys! Great videos.
  • Team TuppensTeam Tuppens Posts: 509 Officer
    Great Video! As I said in my PM I was just inside of you guy's and witnessed that crazy dude, We were catching a few nice fish in that area. I was telling my crew that last year I watched a guy almost cut off a big king "Bandit" was reeling in and one of my guy's said look it is going to happen again!!!:hairraiser We thought the guy was going to hit your boat! Crazy Day! Happy that all ended well and you got a nice fish. Good Luck in Louisiana.
  • PairadoxPairadox Posts: 323 Officer
    Nice job as always Team Bandit! Awesome Accurates!
  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    Way to go Team Bandit. We elected not to fish the Langford SKA event but saw you guys sitting at your south location on our way in before the storms. Great Showing in the top 3 by some talented teams of Pennyless, Spiced Rum III, and Bandit.

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