Quick Trip to West End 5/19-5/20

I was invitied to cross on a buddy's boat and we left Saturday a.m. for West End after loading up on some livies. We had a nice crossing and encountered a pod of pilot whales and shortly after, we came across a pod of bottlenose. The porpoise hung right at the boat and checked us out for awhile. It was very cool. We then continued on and cleared at OBB which was quick and easy. We then headed out in search of birds. We did find a few but not with any action or bites.

The weather started to move in and the radar became less and less effective as the day went on. After a while, there was no longer an area of clear sky and the lightning started. We picked up and ran for BMC. We checked in and waited for the weather to clear. The skies started to look better so we headed back out in the late afternoon. Again, very little bird action and no tuna willing to eat our live bait.

Before calling it a day, we decided to troll for some wahoo and caught a nice one shortly into the zigzag. We were pulling two deep, weigthed lures on cigar weights. The fish hit my 50wII bent butt will powerpro. We were happy to have a fish in the box and refueled then returned to BMC for adult beverages and pool/hot tub time.

We had a great dinner of cracked conch, beans/rice, mac/cheese, slaw and an app of ribs. Crashed pretty early. Got up, Shannon made us egg/cheese sandwiches + coffee and we headed out in search of birds.

We had nice seas but very little bird action. Found a frigate here and there but still no bites. We chunked + livies and trolled. Once we started heading home we came across the motherload of a weedline about 47 miles off FL. There were two distinct, parallel lines that ran probably across state lines. It was definitely the biggest weedline I have ever seen. Luckily, we picked up a few phins for the box before heading for the barn.

I recorded my first gopro videos on this trip but it will take some time to figure out how to edit and post. Can't wait to go back.

Funnel cloud 1st day

Wahoo dragging heavy metal. My weird smile is due to the fish being very alive and trying to get free while I'm holding it for the pic. I wanted to capture the colors in the fish.

fins in 250 qt yeti

'Hoo at cleaning station
Cobia 296 F300s J & B
Hewes 18' RF Y130 Flatfoot


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