May so far--inshore/offshore/gulf--reports

well , may has been busy, i think everyone in Islamorada has been fishing hard and the fishing has been good, on the offshore side of things, i havnt been doing to much due to the weather, but on the days we have gone out the dolphin have been good , no big fish yet for us, but lots of lifters, the gulf wrecks have been good with lots of 8-12# cobia, big trout, jewfish and the usuall gulf suspects, the flamingo fishing has had its moments of glory with some great snook days with 10-20 fish all slot size or bigger, the full moon rain and west winds did damper the fishing some, the redfish bite slowed a little in the moats and cape area, but the fishing on the flats for the redfish is a s good as i have ever seen, big schools of fish willing to eat flies and jerkbaits have beent the norm, now to what everyone is here to do, the tarpon fishing----its is red hot, this past week fishing all hours of the night produced over 60 bites landing lots of fish, the daytime live mullet bite has been excellent also, most fish have been in the 70-120# class with some big girls mixed are some pics enjoy----

Capt Brian Gwilliam


  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Officer
    Looks like some great catchin' so far! :beer


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  • TipboneTipbone Posts: 190 Officer
    Great Report. Heading down to Long Key June 6th for a week. Usually fish Chanel #2 or #5 bridge for Tarpon, also will go to Sprigger bank for some Trout and Snapper. Also saw a bank on the maps that says good fishing for reds behind arsenic bank. Any tips? feel free to PM.

  • chiliandochiliando Posts: 609 Officer
    Nice to see you are busy. Great report.
  • rcbsoflrcbsofl Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    chiliando wrote: »
    Nice to see you are busy. Great report.

    I'm heading down to Islamorada this weekend with my gfriend and my Silverking skiff. I plan on doing alot of fishing but one thing that I haven't tried as of yet, but want to, is some yellowtailing. I'm looking for some advise on where I should go. I know it will be dependent on the weather but does anyone know of a good reef that is fishable with my skiff?
  • jsimpsonjsimpson Posts: 71 Deckhand
    Im also coming down to long key June 8th with my Sterling Flats skiff looking to do some tarpon fishing and i wanted to do some redfishing but i dont know the area well enough. Also i would love to just do some reef fishing for my g/f so she can get her hands on something. Another thing, which bridge is the #5 bridge. I do alot of bridge fishing where im from (Tampa, fl). any tips?

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