Miami mutton report- Grouper/mutton5/20/12

Today’s trip was out of homestead.I'm fishing Every day now.Second time, I go with Fro and tony, We got to the first spot in 55 and the anchor got stuck on the winch and we missed the spot, But I didn’t care since the screen showed a load of fish, I put both of them on the bottom and I started to catch bait, I put 8 speedos In the boat and a few dozen live hoos. the current was perfect to the north, fro got hit first and up came a 28” black, minutes later tony pulls up a 17 in mutton then they had two big fish on that were lost and they gave the bottom a rest and started catching yellowtails we got 10 tails and had a storm go over us that left the Ocean like a lake and after the storm passed, the heat picked up allot so we decided to moved to find more muttons and bigger tails and after anchoring again, the first live bait down got slammed by a 26”grouper , and two more back to back muttons, then Fro took a break, as he wasn’t feeling good so he went to the bow, and tony kept fishing bottom and he got a big nurse shark that got him tired out too, as I started to catch some bigger tails, then I got a big tail that got a trim off by a shark. After I was starting to catch consistently, I stopped to check on Fro and he had what looked like, heat exhaustion and was pail white and his head was hurting, I gave him water and he had already taken a few aspirin, he wanted to leave, so we headed in at is a pic for more pic’s google Miamimuttonmanmiamimutton006.jpgPhoto794.jpg


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