Some 30+ pound blackfin, a sail, and sushi dinner

Left the dock early and headed to Bug. Bait was slow so we hit another spot and threw the net and loaded up on cigar minnows and spanish sardines. We ran to the edge and did a long drift from 130' out to sea with the southwest wind. In about 300' a sail came up on the left mid, and inhaled the spanish sardine on 30 pound fluorocarbon (We were targetting blackfin so everything had a fluoro trace). The fish was very acrobatic and danced around the boat in circles. We got the release after a few minutes.

After a few more minutes we reset in 125' off of Fowey. There was a decent lull without action but then it picked up. One of the mid lines started singing and the fight was on. Klevan was on the reel and it was fairly clear what was on the end. The death spirals tightened until we saw color on the 31 lb blackfin. A large hammerhead was right behind it trying to swallow it. It was like watching a dog trying to eat a basketball... We got him to the gaff and he was in the boat unscathed by the hammer.

Right after this fish we had a few back to back cut offs and then landed a snake king. We had a nice blackfin boil on the long kite bait but miss the hook. Seconds later one of the flats went off again. This fought like a textbook blackfin but a little smaller.

There was a solid lull again where we had to weave through some bonito. A while later we had a quad of fish. 1 kite bait and 3 flats went off. 2 of the flats were bonito and 1 flat as well as the fish off the kite were fighting like blackfin. The one off the kite went around 20 pounds and the one off the flat was another slob. This fish ended up weighing 33 pounds. Good job Yanii...

We called it a day after that guy. We were pretty content...

Final Tally- 1/1 on sailfish, 4/5 on blackfin, a bunch of bonito, and a snake king...

The tuna ended up tasting pretty good...

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  • Double ThreatDouble Threat Posts: 145 Officer
    Forgot to include the date. It was yesterday (Thursday) 5/10/12
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  • DudeDude Posts: 1,789 Officer
    Very nice, all the way to the dining room table!
  • copout@castawayscopout@castaways Posts: 5,779 Officer
    nice work!
  • JohnnyBlackJohnnyBlack Posts: 352 Officer
    **** nice! And you boys hooked it up right on that Sushi!!
  • Linesider41Linesider41 Posts: 271 Officer
    Nice going! Those are 2 big BFT's. They look yummy too.
  • DrsMako284DrsMako284 Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Nice day bubba!
  • paspas Posts: 84 Deckhand
    nice job! you guys don't mess around rolled sushi and everything!
  • GeekedUpGeekedUp Posts: 62 Deckhand
    wow, great post with pic of the sushi too!!!! jealous!!!
    Team Geeked Up
    (aka floffshore on THT)
  • Marker954Marker954 Posts: 404 Officer
    Great report. Those bft's are making a showing down there. Hope they're still around this weekend for the tournament.
  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,680 Captain
    Man that looks great...We always just make sashimi and just eat pieces....How do you make the sushi, im guessing you can get the seaweed rolls, and sticky rice at publix or something??
  • Double ThreatDouble Threat Posts: 145 Officer
    I actually used to make California rolls and sell them in high school. I would sell 20-50 a day about 3 days a week for the second half of senior year. I don't use any of the traditional ingredients, white vinegar and medium grain rice for example. It actually has a bit more flavor and its cheaper this way. I have bulk sushi sheets I ordered from California which cuts down cost (I had cost down to 40 cents per roll). I initially learned online but tweaked the recipe's I bumped into. The hardest part is getting the rice dialed in. You can get anything you need for a few rolls at publix. There are spicy tuna rolls, jb rolls, spicy shrimp rolls, and plenty of other ones mixed in the picture you see... Its not as hard as people think but I do have a fair amount of experience
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    Check out our website-
  • ship facedship faced Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Nice catch and very nice display of sushi !!!! congrats !!
  • JimmytalkJimmytalk Posts: 587 Officer
    Is there any good reason to live in another state? Great work guys...this is why I live florida

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