5/5-5/6 Cobia Fishing

Dad had a buddy from work come into town this weekend and wanted to get on the cobia. Went out Saturday (5/5) to some pretty calm seas and high hopes. Worked it all day to only find 2 fish with lockjaw. Quite discouraging.

Got up today (5/6) and figured we would head to Nassau Sound to see if we could get anything going...NADA. Went back to our original strategy and we found em..

Fished the pogy pods. I think we pulled 6 fish off of two pods. First pod had 3 swimming around it. Pulled two off of it and in the box they went. Dad got one and his buddy got one.

Got the boat cleaned up..went right back to the pod. And the third fish was still swimming around it. Got dads buddy to get into another fish and in the box he went. (Tad smaller than the smaller fish in the picture) At this point we had our limit. Time for catch and release.

Moved to another pod and found 3 more fish. Got dads buddy to hook up another one. Fought him to the boat and got a quick release.

Then it was my turn. Went back to the same pod and found a few more swimming around it. I got hooked up. You know its an awesome cobia fishing day when you release a fish like this to swim another day!

Dads buddy got a picture of my fish from the bow of the boat. Hate/love to let a big one swim, atleast we got a picture.

While I was fighting my fish dads buddy got another fish hooked up that was tagging along with mine. So that brings the hookup count to 6 with 3 in the box and 3 left for another day!

Cool shot from the tower
Shut Up and Fish


  • Sea-SquatchSea-Squatch Posts: 1,320 Officer
    Dang, nice job! We didn't see anything all day.
  • SnaphappySnaphappy Posts: 1,375 Officer
    Great job putting your dad and his friend on the fish! Don't sweat having to let the big boy go the big ones don't taste near as good as the smaller ones
  • WallhangerWallhanger Posts: 280 Deckhand
    It's funny how when you release nice fish because you reached your limit, it seems just as satisfying, if not more so. Great day on the water Maverick
  • Slug-OSlug-O Posts: 3,015 Officer
    And here I am still stuck at work
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  • ledslinger29ledslinger29 Posts: 837 Officer
    I'll bet it was tough to let a slob like that go! Great fish man!
  • Let's Go AmigoLet's Go Amigo Posts: 2,241 Captain
    great job! And yes, it's nice to pay the fishery back once in a while. Even if it wasn't by choice. Way to stick it out.
  • MaverickMaverick Posts: 664 Officer
    Thanks for the kind words fellas.

    Spent this afternoon trimming up the fillets, after we slabbed em last night!



    mmmm. cooler full of trimmed up cobia ready to be vacuum packed!
    Shut Up and Fish

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