Looking for another fisherman fly or gear

Carl BlackledgeCarl Blackledge Posts: 674 Officer
Hey gang,

I go to Loreto Mexico for a month a year, Its a very small little fishing village in Baja. there isn't any problems like drug wars, gangs and killings, people die here from old age.

I have several room mates that come and stay a week then leave, then another guy shows up. Well my buddy booked the room next to me, and has already booked a quality captain and boat for two weeks starting June 19th, well needless to say both of his guys had to cancel, one from health issues, and the other from losing a spouse, My buddy is looking for another fly guy or a gear guy who likes to catch Big fat Dorado-Sailfish-Marlin and Roosters for a week or even two. If anybody is interested please email me carlblackiedge@aol.com. I can give you the prices. I will add that Randy got a super deal on the room $56.00 per day for two, and also booked the Panga with Captain for $290.00 per day for two, the new guy would have to pay half of those fees. I can fill you in on the rest.

Thanks for looking.

PS I have spare Sage rods, and Abel reels plus extra fly lines and a ton of flies.



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