First Cobias out of clearwater 04/28/2012

While most of you were fishing the king of the beach. I didnt enter cause kings are a hit or miss with me.Headed out to a public wreck in 45 ft about 10 miles looking for some light tackle bonita mackerel action well that wasnt the case. Filled the well at a bridge in the intercoastal so we started chumming first bait in the water gets slammed not even 5 minutes in.It was about a 20-25 pound cobia i let my gf fight it while i threw out another bait boom another one on this was a big boy! we landed both fish in about 10 minutes we let the smaller one go and kept the big one he weighed out to 40 pounds.Not bad for my first cobia then i hooked into something huge it snapped my 60 pound braid i was suprised it was fighting like a bigger cobia but i will never know.Then i hooked up again gave it to my girlfriend again she made short work of a 35 pounder gaffed it and we left because i didnt have a cooler big enough for the big boys!!!!!! My 40 pounderMe and my gfs cobias


  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 10,987 AG
    Nice job on the cobes Eric. :Rockon

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  • Austins26Austins26 Posts: 1,989 Officer
    tight work
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  • Goin DeeperGoin Deeper Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Nice catches!

    Im still waiting for my first Cobe.
  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    Awesome! That's a great picture with the two of you together.
  • therobertbrookstherobertbrooks Posts: 285 Officer
    Nice pictures!

    I was anchored right next to you in the blue SeaFox.. those gave you guys a hell of a fight! Were you fishing with Greenies or what? We were fishing with Shrimp and fresh sardines and cigar minnows and only got 1 king on all day, but good grunts, Hog Snapper, and black SeaBass to take home and eat.

    Were you guys using wire or floro for leaders?
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    What a small world lol i would have loved to stay i was trying to find somebody with a filet knife so i could get them in the cooler we left them biting for sure. Cut and live green backs on 60 pound floro with long shank J hooks with no weight at all just made made my bait drift back natural with the chunks of chum and bury the hook into the bait so you cant see it any more . I dont use wire unless i start to loose hooks ive caugght kings and 100 pound plus sharks with this sameoutfit many times at that same spot!!! :fishing
  • tpintatpinta Posts: 174 Officer
    60lb floro leader? Attached to braid or mono?
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  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    no swivel braid or mono i use both i use anywhere from 30 pound to 120 but yesterday i used 60 i just tie a albright knot or the the other line to line one
  • tpintatpinta Posts: 174 Officer
    Ok that's what I do, double uni knot.
    2012 SeaHunt Ultra
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    yeah thats the name of the other knot it had slipped my mind :huh
  • therobertbrookstherobertbrooks Posts: 285 Officer
    **** man.. I always carry a 12 in filet knife in the boat with me! I saw you were having a hard time with them floppin' around in the boat! Didn't leave much room to fish!

    I hooked into the king when I switched to 60 lb floro and a long shank right before you guys left.. couldn't get a bite on wire at all, but lost the king at the boat because it cut through the leader. Oh well.. downsize to get the bites and you risk losing the fish. I will keep that in mind in the future.
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    yeah bites on wire is tough when the water is clean like that when its dirty its not so bad. Yeah i warned my buddy that the fish was going to try and wreck the boat both of them tried
  • CodySCodyS Posts: 243 Officer
    Nicely done!
  • jj lynnjj lynn Posts: 632 Officer
    Holy smokes nice cobia.....
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  • LilcthefishslayerLilcthefishslayer Posts: 605 Officer
    Those are some slobs nice job!!
  • groupernuggetgroupernugget Posts: 54 Deckhand
    well done. Man that must have been a delicious din din. Seared or grilled cobia steaks is as good as it gets
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,858 Moderator
    Great catch.:hail
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    Thanks for the comments guys so far i have only had cobia nuggets my buddy cooked them it tasted great!!!
  • AquaRoosterAquaRooster Posts: 589 Officer
    great work! my favorite eating fish.....
  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 2,676 Captain
    grill those ****... yum yum!!...

    great fishing!
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  • SalmonHawkSalmonHawk Posts: 86 Deckhand
    Congrats, great job!
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Great work Eric for you and your girl .....
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    Thanks Ish man it was a good day and congrats on placing in the tournament that day i cant seem to catch anything other than snake kings..... how much longer do you think it will be till the kings move out of our area?
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 508 Officer
    Great fish! I'm still waiting for my first, despite sight-casting to and hooking about 5 or so on soft-plastics. Just wondering, I'm really not trying to be a troll here, do cobia not count as reef fish and can therefore be targeted with J-hooks when using natural bait?
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  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Thank you , It was a great time .. I think we have a couple weeks left of them , just keep at em .. If your slow trolling live bait , take some dead bait with you in a bucket also , I like to chum while slow trolling also , just to get a flash going etc .... I know last yr I was catching them into July in the shipping chl , crazy I know but I think some are here yr round .. Just have to target them ..... Your one up on me for the cobia , I have been fishing offshore for awhile and yet to catch a slob ...
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    yes you can use j hooks for cobia if you want thats what i used for two of them that we got and a circle hook for my Girlfriends i do all of the hook setting for her anyways lol :wink unless were grouper fishing shes on her own then lol. Ish try heading out to some wrecks Im not the only one whos seen big cobia this past weekend on a wreck :grin
  • djsmallzdjsmallz Posts: 56 Deckhand
    Great catch!!!, very nice to get the gf into the hobby too
    "One has to go fishing in order to catch fish"....:wink
  • groupernuggetgroupernugget Posts: 54 Deckhand
    dude my girlfriend fished with me for the first month and then when she had me good and closed it was over. Now I have to buy her flowers and cook her breakfast and all that BS just to fish once a week LOL!
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    dude my girlfriend fished with me for the first month and then when she had me good and closed it was over. Now I have to buy her flowers and cook her breakfast and all that BS just to fish once a week LOL!

    Yeah if i go without her she gets upset she doesnt like it much when its a ''guys trip'' :grin
  • groupernuggetgroupernugget Posts: 54 Deckhand
    ericj359 wrote: »
    Yeah if i go without her she gets upset she doesnt like it much when its a ''guys trip'' :grin

    update: we're on a break now after this past weekend. I tried to explain the gorgeous weather, supermoon, good tides, etc...

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