Delray Beach Sailfish 4-25

The day started a little later then I would of liked but it was a good day still. Left from the southside of Delray. Planning on a long drift to boynton. Didn't happen like Nelbag said in his report. The current was dead and the water was dirty. The only way to really move anywhere was to paddle. So I did all the way out to 180,240,280,330 and 385ft looking to find the depth the tuna were running on. I managed one bullet blackfin in 360ft. Did not have the camera near me to turn it on. Besides I thought it might of been a tuna with how it was fighting. Yes you can tell after you catch enough of them. From there not much else happened for a couple hours. I tried different depths but nothing.

I was free lining a whole squid on the Penn Torque and had not checked the bait in quite a bit. I had let out quite a bit of line and was trying to speed reel the line in. As the line got close I slowed down to a stop to see if anything might of been following it. Sure enough I see a rather large shadow behind the squid. I let it sit but the lack of action made him lose interest. I pulled it in and threw it out in front of my yak Sure enough I saw him dart right for it. I didn't give him much time to eat it as he bit the hook as soon as he hit it. He thrashed his head around and shook loose. After I saw him dart off toward the back of my yak I noticed there was a rather large shark chasing him. I shoved the camera down into the water and got him on film. Was a short clip of the shark but I got him. Was a good rush. Here is the Video address.

After that happened I threw another squid on hoping maybe there was a second sail around. I started jigging again and after about ten minutes I was hooked back up. I managed to have my head cam on and was able to catch just about the whole fight on film. Hope you enjoy. P.s. change the video to 1080p


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