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Headed up to my buddies lease for some fun on the last weekend. The plan was to do some calling for 1 of my buddies since I had already limited out. Well the boys stayed up to late, and enjoyed themselves a tad to much. When I got out of bed it was already light, and over cast with rain threatening. My friend who was supposed to go was sawing logs so well I opted out, and took my other buddy. I was not real optimistic. Since I killed my bird on opening weekend at his place the birds had been scare I think mainly do to a dog problem. My buddy had tried twice since I had killed my bird with little luck other than hearing a yelp or 2. We headed into the pines where I killed the last bird set up a blind, and I started with some soft clucks, and some yelps than waited a few mins. Nothing! Well my head was a tad heavy also, and I had little patience. The last bird I killed in those pines liked it ruff so I decided not to play around. My next call was a loud cackle, and to my amazement a bird gobbled. I gave him a few minutes, and tried the soft stuff again. Nothing! So a couple of minutes later I got ruff again. Gobble, and much closer. I new I call was not necessary any longer. With in a minute we could see the bird making its way through the pines about 100yds out, and to our left just walking along. When the bird got to about 75yds he got a look at my deke set up of a jake on top of my hen, and went into strut. Strutting all the way in when he got to 15yds he broke strut, and stuck his head out. Making for a perfect head shot dropping him in his tracks. 17.5 10.5 beard, and 1in spurs. We were back at camp less than 1/2 hour after leaving, and proceded to reinact the vicous cycle from the night before. Complete celebration.


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